How to lead a workcamp?

In every workcamp there are one or two campleaders, whose task it is to organize the project and facilitate communication between project partner, participants and IBG.

Usually, our campleaders are Germans; however, sometimes we have some international support as well.
If you would like to lead one of our projects, you should already have experience in leading workcamps in your own country and/or participate in our international campleading seminar. It is not necessary to speak German, but it sure helps!


  • You will receive 120€ as compensation for your efforts for a 2-week-camp, or 180€ for a 3-week-camp.
  • If you are going to lead one workcamp for us, we will reimburse up to 200€ of your travel costs on the following terms:
    • We can only reimburse travel costs directly from your home town to the workcamp place and back.
    • You have to send us your travel connection before booking!
  • In case you are going to lead two workcamps for us in a row, we will be able to reimburse up to 250€ of your travel costs plus the costs of a direct travel connection from one camp to another.
  • Food and accommodation during the workcamp are free of charge.

Your tasks

  • Introduce yourself to the project partner and volunteers (via email or phone) several weeks before the camp begins.
  • Arrive at least one day before the camp begins in order to meet and discuss the work with the project partner, set up the accommodation and familiarize yourself with the area.
    • Where can you go shopping for food?
    • Where is the closest doctor or hospital?
    • Where is the closest pharmacy (apothecary)?
    • You will also want to look for things to do during free time on weekends such as swimming pools, nearby castles, hiking paths or big cities.
  • Manage the camp budget. (The group may decide as a whole how the money is spent, but you are responsible for the safekeeping of it.)
  • Coordination of camp tasks: Who cooks, who cleans, who goes shopping...
  • Facilitate communication between project partner, participants and us, IBG.
  • Be a role model at work: Your volunteers will look to you as an example of what is expected at work. Keep a positive attitude and work with the other volunteers.
  • Help to establish connections between the volunteers and the locals.
  • Group management (solve conflicts, integrate outsiders, etc.)
  • And of course, work and have fun!


Please have a look at our "campleader wanted"-page - here you can see all projects that are a possibility.

You chose a few that you like? Contact us!