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IBG 01 Schillingen (Rhineland-Palatinate)         14. 03. - 28.03.2018        RENO/FEST       10 vols

: Schillingen is a village 30 km from Germany's oldest city, Trier, in a beautiful landscape. You will be active for the youth of Schillingen and improve and renovate the local youth club. The club is very small - more or less only one room - but still important as meeting place for the teenagers. Additionally, you will support the local community in running the daffodil-festival. The wild daffodil is the first flower to bloom in spring. In Schillingen, there are several meadows where this rare and protected flower can be found in great numbers. The festival is planned for March 25th but depending on the flowers it might have to be brought forward or postponed. Also, you will have the opportunity to get into contact with the local youngsters and with local associations e.g. the local voluntary fire brigade or the kindergarten. So please be prepared to present your country to local children and teenagers.
WORK: There will be two main tasks:
1. To renovate and decorate the local youth club. Probably painting work will be an important part of it. Parts of the work will be realised together with local youngsters.
2. To support the local community running the daffodil-festival on March 25th. In the past they had more than 1.000 visitors per year enjoying the first flowers of spring, having a drink and listening to traditional music.
There might be some other tasks in the village, for example maintenance work on a playground.
ACCOMODATION: You will be hosted in parish rooms of the local Catholic Church in the centre of the village. There is enough space, a kitchen and toilets, but you will have to sleep on the floor (no beds, please bring a mat and a sleeping bag). The showers are in the sports hall nearby.
LOCATION: Schillingen has 1.200 inhabitants and is situated in a touristic green area not far from Trier. The area is well known for cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities. Many tourists visit the area, but also local people come here for cycling (there is a 45 km cycling path on a former railway roadbed) or to spend a nice day outside, e.g. at a near-by lake. The region also offers plenty of historic sites (castles, museums....). Public transport is quite poor during the weekend, so the number of excursions will be limited. But for sure Trier, with the famous Roman sites, the cathedral and the birthplace of Karl Marx can be visited.
NEXT TRAIN STATION: Trier. You will have to arrive in Trier before 7 p.m. to catch the last bus to the campsite.
NEXT AIRPORTS: Hahn (HHN), Luxembourg (LUX), Frankfurt (FRA)


Teilnehmende des Camps 2015

Campleitung mit Führerschein gesucht!

IBG 02 Grafenhausen (Baden-Wurttemberg)        07.-21.04.2018        CONS/ENVI        12 vols

PROJECT: The community of Grafenhausen, located in the Black Forest, invites an international workcamp for the 3rd time. It is a village with about 2.100 inhabitants in the South of Germany that has a lot to offer: e.g. the very interactive "Black Forest Museum", a public pool, and a sculpture park (where the international group of 2015 worked). Grafenhausen is located at about 1.000 meters altitude, therefore the weather in April is still unpredictable: Be prepared for warm and sunny temperatures, as well as coldness and maybe even a day of snow.
WORK: This year's task is to create an "adventure trail": You willl build a path with various stops where visitors and kids may try out a task, learn playfully about nature and test out their senses.
Your tasks will include: The installation of a bare foot path (a path with different grounds, where people are supposed to walk bare foot and feel the wood, stones, grit, etc.), building a sundial, a fence, and different playground equipment. Additionally, there might be similar tasks to complete the adventure trail. You will work mostly with wood, stone and soil. Be prepared to get dirty!
ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated in a beautiful group house where showers and a kitchen are provided. The house is in the middle of the village.
: Grafenhausen is a very nice village within a beautiful landscape. The surrounding area is perfect for hiking trips: There are lakes close-by and it is not even half an hour by car to the Feldberg (the highest German mountain outside of the Alps). Also, the famous beer "Tannenzaepfle" is brewed in Grafenhausen and you might be able to visit the brewery. Furthermore, there are regular train connections to Freiburg (a university city with lots of students) and Lake Constance.
However, the village is in a very rural area. The community will lend you a bus to make shopping and excursions easier, nevertheless, be prepared for two calming weeks in the forest and far away from big city life.
Stuttgart, Baden-Baden, Zuerich (Switzerland!)


Arbeiten in Grafenhausen

IBG 03 Muensingen (Baden-Wurttemberg)         15.04.-06.05.2018        RENO/MANU        15 vols

PROJECT: The town of Muensingen will host its first workcamp in 2018 and is looking forward to your help: The outdoor swimming pool needs to be renovated. The town wants to take this process as a chance to change a lot: The swimming pool is supposed to become a place where people meet, spend their summer holidays together, and do sports (not only swimming, but also "adventure golf", table tennis, and so on).
A part of the work will be done professionally; the renovation has already been started in autumn 2017 and will finish in autumn 2018. In spring 2018, shortly before the swimming season starts, you will help with the manual work.
WORK: The municipality has lots of ideas how the area of the swimming pool can become more attractive: You will set up a table tennis place as well as an adventure golf parkour, put up wooden loungers to create resting places, and install waste containers, on top of which you will plant herbs. The work will be manual and might be exhausting sometimes; but for sure it is going to be interesting and varied and will allow you to see a big difference in the end!
ACCOMMODATION: [to be confirmed]
LOCATION: Muensingen is a town with about 15.000 inhabitants. It is located in the Swabian Alpes and part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (a protected ecosystem with rare plants and animals). The area is perfect for hiking: Quite rural, with many great view-points and various old castle (ruins) that are worth visiting. Muensingen itself has a very nice centre with old half-timbered houses that are typical for this region. It offers a great infrastructure with shops, museums and besides the outdoor swimming pool you are working at there is also an indoor one.
During your stay, the "Almauftrieb" (spring cattle drove) will take place: The cattle will be walked back to their meadows, where they will spend the summer - a very traditional and worth-seeing event in the Swabian Alpes.
NEXT AIRPORTS: Stuttgart, Memmingen, Muenchen


Die Schwäbische Alb

IBG 04 Reichenau (Baden-Wurttemberg)      19.05.-03.06.2018      ENVI / CONS       15 vols

: The municipality of Reichenau will invite a group of international volunteers for the first time. The village is quite well-known for its location directly at Lake Constance (partly on mainland, partly on an island.) For this project, the town will cooperate with the "NABU", a big German environmental organization that supports you with a work instructor.
WORK: Your task will be the installation of a gravel path in a natural area on mainland. People will have the possibility to walk here, to observe nature and animals. To support this experience, you will also build "activity stops": For example a simple wooden shelter that allows you to watch birds, a boardwalk to discover a pond, etc.
ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated in the local gym hall, in which lots of space, camp beds, showers and a very well-equipped kitchen are provided. Within the gym, there is also a "youth club room", that is usually used by local youngsters aged 15 to early twenties. During the workcamp, you are welcome to use this room as well, play table tennis, football or dart, and meet the locals.
LOCATION: Reichenau is partly located on the island "Reichenau", which is the biggest island on Lake Constance. The community has about 5.000 inhabitants and is just a few kilometers away from the university town of Constance, where you will find pubs, clubs, museums and more. Lake Constance is not only the biggest lake in Germany, but also one of the biggest in Central Europe. It invites you to go swimming, take a boat trip, or bike around the lake. Also, Switzerland and Austria are just a stone's throw away.
NEXT AIRPORT: Baden-Baden, Memmingen, Stuttgart, Basel (Switzerland!)


Der Bodensee

Campleitung mit Führerschein gesucht!

IBG Heidesheim am Rhein (Rhineland-Palatinate)       22.07.-05.08.2018       ENVI / KIDS       12 vols

PROJECT: After a two-year break, the hiking club of Heidesheim is inviting international volunteers for the third time! There are two main tasks to do, so the group will split up every day. You will have the chance to try out both, depending on your preference; and since both projects take place next to each other, you will still share your breaks with the rest of the group.
WORK: Every year, the hiking club offers outdoor holiday activities for about 30 children aged 5-12 years. They are very happy to get your support in organizing games for the kids and are looking forward to your creative ideas. Since the children do not speak English, it might be very helpful to know at least a few German words and/or bring games that can be played easily, without difficult explanations or language skills.
Secondly, the area of the "seven ponds" needs to be taken care of. It is an area in the midst of the forest with a few lakes, terrace-like arranged and flowing into one another through small streams. In 2014, the first workcamp in Heidesheim took care of the area, which was overgrown with bushes and trees. Four years later, maintenance work is needed again: You will clear vegetation, cut free the lakes and paths in order to be accessible for visitors.
ACCOMMODATION: The group will stay in the sports hall; all necessary sanitary facilities are provided. You will be able to use the kitchen of the hiking club's house, which is located at your working place. For transport from the sports hall to the work place/kitchen, bicycles and a car (for 9 people) will be arranged.
LOCATION: Heidesheim is a community with approximately 7600 inhabitants. It is located near the well-known river Rhine. You can go hiking or cycling and enjoy the beautiful Rhine valley with its picturesque towns and castles. Heidesheim is only 10km from Mainz, the state capital and university town with many cafés, restaurants and clubs.
NEXT TRAIN STATION: Heidesheim (Rheinhess)
REMARKS: You should be able to ride a bike! Also, please provide a Motivation Letter (why would you like to take part? Do you have first experiences with working with kids and/or in environmental projects?)

Teilnehmende des Camps 2015

IBG Bahlingen (Baden-Wurttemberg)        28.07.-11.08.2018       ENVI       12 vols

PROJECT: For the fifth time Bahlingen is looking forward to welcoming an international workcamp. Various interesting tasks in water and nature conservation await you this year. While working and also in your free time you can enjoy the beautiful nature in the region, but you will also have the possibility to visit nearby towns in Germany, France and Switzerland.
WORK: Volunteers will support the local workers in the renaturation and maintenance of local rivers as well as in the removal of invasive plants (which is necessary to protect the local nature). Besides, you will help to take care of the so called "Loesshohlwege" (loess hollow ways), which are very typical in this region and important habitats for plants and animals. All tasks in this project will have professional instruction.
ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated in the local gym: There is lots of space, a huge kitchen and showers are available.
LOCATION: Bahlingen is a small town in the south-west of Germany. It is located next to the Black Forest, at the foot of "Kaiserstuhl", a well-known German mountain range. Bahlingen itself and the surrounding area are famous for its vineyards. Very close-by, the university town Freiburg is worth seeing. Besides, you could visit Strasbourg, the Alsatian capital in France (70km), and Basel, the 3rd biggest city in Switzerland (80km).

Flussrenaturierung in Bahlingen 2016

IBG 33 Wangen (Baden-Wurttemberg)          25.08.-08.09.2018          KIDS         12 vols

SPRACHE: Deutsch!
ALTER: 18-30 Jahre
PROJEKT: Nun bereits zum zehnten Mal lädt die Stadt Wangen zu einem Workcamp ein, das die Ferienspiele für Kinder unterstützen wird. Während der ersten Woche findet die Spielstadt „Mini-Wangen" statt: Hier sind Kinder im Alter von 7 bis 13 Jahren eingeladen, eine Woche lang verschiedene Berufe auszuprobieren: z. B: Bürgermeister, Zeitungsreporter, Zirkusmitarbeiter ... Sie können ihre eigene Stadt aufbauen, gestalten und den Alltag in dieser leben. Neben dem Bauhof, der Schmückerei, der Küche und der Stadtverwaltung können die Kinder auch neue Bereiche eröffnen. In der zweiten Woche findet mit dem gleichen Prinzip eine mittelalterliche Spielstadt für Kinder der gleichen Altersgruppe auf einer Burgruine in der Nähe statt.
ARBEIT: Die Teilnehmenden des Workcamps unterstützen die Kinder bei verschiedenen Aktivitäten in der Spielstadt - in den Bereichen Sport, Spiel und Handwerk. Die Freiwilligen arbeiten gemeinsam mit lokalen Betreuern zusammen, um das Programm innerhalb und im Außenbereich des Jugendhauses und in der Stadt zu beaufsichtigen. Es werden neue Bereiche eröffnet und begleitet und Aufführungen für das große Stadtfest am Donnerstag geprobt. Die Ideen kommen von den Kindern, aber auch die Freiwilligen dürfen und sollen ihre eigenen Erfahrungen, Hobbies und Vorschläge einbringen. Ungefähr 120 Kinder werden an „Mini-Wangen" teilnehmen.
Der Tag beginnt für die Helfer um 7.30 Uhr. In einer kurzen Morgenrunde werden anstehende Aufgaben besprochen. Um 8.00 Uhr treffen die Kinder ein und der Tag in Mini-Wangen startet. Um 14 Uhr endet für die Kinder der Tag in Mini-Wangen. Danach werden noch Aufräumarbeiten durchgefuehrt. Mit einer kurzen Reflektionsrunde der ehrenamtlichen Mitarbeiter endet auch für diese der Tag um ca. 14:30 Uhr. In der zweiten Woche helfen die Freiwilligen bei dem mittelalterlichen Ferienprogramm auf der Burg mit.
UNTERKUNFT: Ihr wohnt in dem gut ausgestatteten Jugendwohnheim (Küche und Sanitäranlagen sind vorhanden) auf dem Grundstück des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes nahe dem Stadtzentrum. Betten sowie alle sanitären Anlagen gibt es in der Unterkunft. Bitte bring deinen eigenen Schlafsack mit.
UMGEBUNG: Wangen ist eine sehr schöne alte Stadt in der Region „Allgäu". Sie liegt in der Nähe der Alpen und der Länder Schweiz und Oesterreich. Die Umgebung ist vielseitig und lädt dazu ein, den Bodensee und die Alpen zu entdecken. Doch auch die Stadt Wangen selbst hat mit seinen Fachwerkhäusern und der langen Geschichte, die bis ins Jahr 815 zurückreicht, viel an Kultur und Sehenswürdigkeiten zu bieten.
NÄCHSTER FLUGHAFEN: Stuttgart, Memmingen, München
NÄCHSTER BAHNHOF: Wangen (Allgaeu)


Zirkus in Mini-Wangen 2014

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