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Vermittlungsgebühr für längere Projekte 200 EUR (+ extra fee)

Flagge Japan
In Japan arbeiten wir seit langem mit der 1991 gegründeten Organisation NICE (= Never-ending International Volunteer Exchange) zusammen, die neben Workcamps auch längere Freiwilligenprojekte  in Japan organisieren. Die Projekte zeichnen sich durch sorgfältige Vorbereitung und hervorragende Betreuung aus und werden in zwei Kategorien unterteilt:
LI (Long and Middle Term Individual voluntary projects) - Platz für ein oder zwei Freiwillige gleichzeitig.
LW (Long and Middle Term Workcamps) - mehr als zwei Freiwillige gleichzeitig.

Für alle längeren Projekte wird vor Ort ein mehrtägiges Vor- und Nachbereitungsseminar von NICE veranstaltet. Die Teilnahme ist für alle Freiwilligen verpflichtend.

Vor Ort wird eine Extra-Gebühr von 12.000 Yen (ca. 105 € Stand Nov. 2016) pro Monat fällig, die an NICE zu Beginn des Projektes gezahlt werden muss. Ab dem 4. Monat verringert sich die Extra-Gebühr auf 6.000 Yen. 

Es besteht oft die Möglichkeit, die Projektdauer zu verlängern (oder zu verkürzen), wenn Volunteer und Aufnahmeorganisation sich darüber einigen.

NICE bietet noch weitere Projekte, die allerdings gute Japanischkenntnisse voraussetzen. Bei Interesse an  den weiteren Projekten, einfach unter outgoing@ibg-workcamps.org nachfragen.

Für alle Projekte ist ein Motivation Letter erforderlich!


Landwirtschaftliche Arbeiten in einer kooperativen Gemeinde

NICE-LI-SH17-5 Shintoku 17-5 (Hokkaido) 30.06.-23.09.2017                                  AGRI/SOCI 2 vols.
NICE-LI-SH17-6 Shintoku 17-6 (Hokkaido) 04.08.-29.10.2017                                  AGRI/SOCI 2 vols.
NICE-LI-SH17-7 Shintoku 17-7 (Hokkaido) 21.09.-29.10.2017                                  AGRI/SOCI 2 vols.

NICE-LI-SH17-8 Shintoku 17-8 (Hokkaido) 27.10.2017-14.01.2018                         AGRI/SOCI 2 vols.

PROJECT: Organized together with Kyodo Gakusha Shintoku Farm, a cooperative community where people with various backgrounds such as mentally disadvantaged, people who are tired of city life, who want to learn farming, etc. They have five communities in Tokyo, Nagano and Hokkaido and grow animals and vegetables in ecological, organic way with utilizing Bacterium. Their cheese got the 1st prize in the national contest!
WORK: Volunteer will do various types of agricultural works (planting, weeding, cultivating, harvesting, to make organic vegetables, taking care of animals, milk processing, etc.) as well as house work. We will develop the rangeland.
STUDY THEME: Volunteer have opportunities learning organic farming, taking care of cow, chickens. You can learn group work, which would be useful for your future.
ACCOMMODATION: Shared room (male and female are separated) in volunteer house, cooked as a group by turns (vegetarian is possible!)
LOCATION: Agricultural country side, 120 km east of Sapporo. Minus 20 degree in winter and 20 in summer.
TERMINAL: From Sapporo, 4 hours by expres s train. From Tokyo, 2 hours by airplane(to Shin-chitose ai rport) or 32 hours by ship. Before join program and after finishing project, you need to join seminar near Tokyo. You need to arrive at Nari ta or Haneda ai rport by 08:00 the 1s t day, and can leave Japan after 22:00 on las t day).
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Motivation to learn and speak Japanese language, strong motivation for the host. Skills of agriculture or construction can be useful!

Unterstuetzung der Aktivitaeten einer Naturschule 75km von Fukushima entfernt

NICE-LI-SA17-4 Samegawa 17-4 (Fukushima) 30.06.-23.09.2017                                  AGRI/KIDS2 vols.
NICE-LI-SA17-5 Samegawa 17-5 (Fukushima) 04.08.-29.10.2017                                   AGRI/KIDS 2 vols.
NICE-LI-SA17-6 Samegawa 17-6 (Fukushima) 21.09.-29.10.2017                                  AGRI/KIDS 2 vols.

NICE-LI-SA17-7 Samegawa 17-7 (Fukushima) 27.10.2017-14.01.2018                         AGRI/KIDS 2 vols.

PROJECT: Organized together with Abukuma Nature School Network (ANSN). Their theme is learning from soil and nature, and live together. Many children in Fukushima are forced to stay indoors for the fear of health risks from radioactivity having been released in the air by the nuclear disaster since March 2011. ANSN started to organize kids camp in Fukushima . It is called "Fukushima Kids (FK)". They got support from various famous people. FK bring about more than 40 elementary, junior high or high school students at a time to areas with lower radiation levels, to conduct a series of camps during vacations (some 5-day camps in summer and winter) and weekends.
WORK: We will do some farming such as planting rice, cutting the grasses, sowing seeds and harvesting in the land of ANSN. ANSN organize many events on weekend. We will help to accept smoothly people from kids to adults, family. We will support and enjoy with them. Especially end of July to end of August, ANSN organize kids camp program. We will support it.
STUDY THEME: Volunteers will get knowledge of good ways of interaction with kids.
ACCOMMODATION: Shared room (male and female are separated) in volunteer house, cooked as a group by turns (vegetarian is possible!)
LOCATION: Small village in the forest area, the population is about 5,000, surrounded by rich nature. The temperature in winter can be minus 5-10 though the inside buildings are warm enough! 75km far from Fukushima nuclear power plant.
TERMINAL: From Tokyo, 2.5 hours by bus and 45 minutes by car. You need to arrive at Narita or Haneda airport by 08:00 the 1st day, and can leave Japan after 22:00 on last day).
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Speaking some Japanese, strong motivation to work with the host and live in the remote area with a lot of nature, respect to the local custom and life, flexibility, positive mind and those who likes children. Interest in revival Fukushima. Experience of similar types of work is welcome!