Bericht vom Youth Exchange in Serbien

„Chance takers and future makers – youth against unemployment”

IBG koordinierte die internationale Jugendbegegnung  "CHANCE TAKERS AND FUTURE MAKERS - YOUTH AGAINST UNEMPLOYMENT" in Sremski Karlovci, Serbien vom 1. bis 9. Oktober 2015 zum Thema Jugendarbeitslosigkeit.

Hier die Zusammenfassung des sehr erfolgreich verlaufenen Erasmus+ Projekts von Leonida Ponomaryova (Ukraine) und Kristina Stoewe (Deutschland):

"From October 1-9, 2015, the international Youth Exchange "Chance Takers and Future Makers - Youth Against Unemployment" took place in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia. During eight days, young people from six different European countries were exchanging information and experience about employability in Europe and discussing how to write CVs and motivation letters, as well as learning about the role of creativity in finding different approaches to employment. They learned how volunteering affects employability and in which programs, such as EVS, they can take part. The project consisted of teamwork, practical visits of young entrepreneurs who have their own business in Serbia and cultural exchange between the present countries.

One highlight of the exchange was the international short movie festival "CHANCE TAKERS AND FUTURE MAKERS - YOUTH AGAINST UNEMPLOYMENT", which took place on October 8 in Sremski Karlovci at the Ecological centre "Radulovacki". Six short movies directed by the 24 participants from Germany, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Ukraine and Serbia were presented during this public event and rewarded with standing ovations. The thought-provoking movies reflect the participants' view on the situation in these countries concerning youth unemployment, but also the influence that youngsters can have on their own situation. (Note: The movied were made during the period of only one day and most of the participants worked with special video programs for the first time!)

The Youth Exchange was financed by the EU through the program Erasmus+, which gives young European citizens between 13 and 30 years opportunities to gain different skills and to improve their foreign language skills, as well as their knowledge about different cultures. It was coordinated by IBG, and conducted in cooperation with the Serbian youth organization BalkanIdea Novi Sad (hosting partner of the project), as well as partners from Italy, Romania, Ukraine and Turkey.
The very special detail about this youth exchange is its background:
"The idea of the project was born during the training course "Let's do it Naturally" in Vlasenica, Bosnia, in May 2014. The course was about leadership, and that was the place where five of the leaders met for the first time. A couple of months later, Liuba (leader from Ukraine) joined us, and we started skyping once in two weeks, sometimes more. We put a lot of ideas on paper, we tried to organize, we shared tasks... It was a pleasure to work as a one team!" (Aleksa, leader of the Serbian team)

For more information, don't hesitate to contact us:

The project team:

Kristina (Germany/IBG)
Aleksa (Serbia/BalkanIdea Novi Sad)
Iasmina (Romania/)
Liuba (Ukraine/GART)
Giuliano (Italy/A. S. D. Onlus Balon Mundial)
Ümit (Turkey/aktiF-Iz)

team leader

The movies from the short movie festival can also be found on our Vimeo channel:
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For reference:
In 2007-2008, an economic crisis that many economists considered to be the worst since the Great Depression in the 1930s. Today, almost 8 years later, the crisis is still leaving its mark. Currently, more than 5 million youngsters in the EU aged 15-24 are unemployed, which represents an unemployment rate 21,9% among this group of EU citizens, in comparison to only 9,9% of all EU citizens (Eurostart 2015).