Gender Equality & Migration - Training in Italien

Freier Platz in Training in Italien

Wir haben noch einen freien Platz in einem internationalen Training mit unseren Partnern von Lunaria in Italien. Das Training wird über Erasmus+ gefördert, d.h. wir können euch eure Reisekosten erstatten!

Gender Equality and Migration | 24. - 30. August 2017 | Orvieto (Italien) | 1 Platz

Topic: Anti-racism, with a specific attention to the different forms of hate speech currently taking
place toward migrant women, women with migratory backgrounds and/or coming from migrant families.

Who can participate? Youth workers, social workers and activists, both male and female, interested in antiracism and in raising awareness toward hate speech on and off line. Participants with migratory backgrounds will be particularly welcome to the experience

Location: Casa Laboratorio il Cerquosino in Orvieto. The house has a professional kitchen, toilets and showers. Meals will be prepared by a cook. Participants will be accommodated in a dormitory. The building is set in a marvellous place but in the countryside, so it is a bit isolated (40 minutes from the city of Orvieto), the local association members manage the place following sustainable practices (such as community life, garbage recycling, responsible water use, responsible electricity use, etc.) and participants involved in the project will be invited to follow these practices.

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Gender Equality & Migration