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Freilegung und Pflege von historischen Wassergraeben im UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe im Kloster Maulbronn

Deutschland    IBG 4M MAULBRONN (BADEN-WURTTEMBERG)   14.08.-28.08.2016   ENVI/SPEC   16vols

PROJECT: Following the success of last years' projects, the region of Baden-Wurttemberg again invites young people from Rhone-Alpes, Lombardy, Catalonia and Baden-Wurttemberg for another exciting workcamp. The fundamental aim is to allow young people to meet and exchange cultures and ideas that will contribute to strengthening the Four Motors partnership. Due to close contact with the local population, the idea of the Four Motors is passed on to the population of the town hosting the project. Maulbronn is looking for the help of international volunteers in the maintenance of the area near the famous town's monastery. The branched ditch system around this building has been a UNESCO - World cultural heritage site since 1993. The system was built in the middle age to ensure good water for drinking, for gardening and for fish-farming all over the year. The goal of the workcamp is to protect, renew and improve these historical ditches. This project is part of UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers 2016.
WORK: A variety of interesting tasks await you at this famed site. One task will be to work on the ditches to remove vegetation cover and other things which stop the drainage, as well as renewal of a few small ditches. You will document all your tending strategies and record where the highest danger of erosion on the ditches is. The team will also help to raise awareness of this intricate system, for example by using an information board or other materials. Attention: In case the weather is rainy there might be water in the ditches, so please bring sturdy working boots and rubber boots as well.
ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: You will be hosted in the "nature school Stromberg", an environmental educational centre offering activities and trainings for young people. Therefore they have perfect conditions to host groups: beds, several showers, a big kitchen and different rooms to stay. Outside you find different animals (horses, goats...) and places to enjoy the nature. The centre is quite isolated and surrounded by pure nature. The centre was newly build in 2007 and sustainability is very important in the centre, cooking and heating is done with wood and solar energy, electricity is made by a hydroelectric and solar power stations. But please be aware that the centre is 3km from the next village and 6km from Maulbronn. The transfer between project site in Maulbronn and accommodation will be organised but for excursions it might be necessary to walk the 3km to Oetisheim, the nearest village with public transport.
LOCATION AND LEISURE: Maulbronn is a town in the district of Karlsruhe, in Baden-Wurttemberg. The town is very famous for its monastery, of which you can take a guided tour. The territory of Maulbronn is very rural, providing many hiking or biking trails. Different local initiatives are involved in the project and so for sure there will be opportunities for contacts, shared activities and parties. Maulbronn is conveniently situated near many towns like: Pforzheim, Bruchsal, Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe.
REQUIREMENTS: Only for volunteers from Italy, France and Catalonia. Please organise your travel in a way that you arrive before 6 p.m. on Aug 14th (or arrive the evening before). Please bring sturdy working boots, rubber boots and indoor slippers.
EXTRA INFO: Only for volunteers from Italy, France, Germany and Catalonia. Please organise your travel in a way that you arrive before 6 p.m. on Aug 14th. Please bring sturdy working boots, rubber boots and indoor slippers.

Bereite den Pilgerpfad Camino de Lebaniego auf das Heilige Jahr 2017 vor

Spanien   SVICA043-16   ´JUBILEE YEAR LEBANIEGO´ III - Tama, Cantabria   16.08.-30.08.2016   RENO/CULT 15vols

WORK: Beside the camino de Santiago (Camino del Norte) there is a second pilgrim route in Cantabria called Camino Lebaniego. Since 1512 there are regular jubilee years with a pilgrimage to the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana in Cantabria (relic is the largest piece of the Cross upon which Jesus was crucified.) As 2017 there will be the next jubilee year (starting in April) many pilgrims and tourists will walk on this route. The aim of this workcamp is to renovate different chapels you find on the way and the surrounding of the mediaeval monastery. Intervention in the Chapels (Santa Catalina Miguel, San Pedro, Santa Maria de los Angeles and Cueva Santa....) The environment of the monasteries of Santo Toribio de Liebana medieval remains: consolidation of medieval walls and intervention remains of murals
LEISURE ACTIVITIES: Additional leisure activities and excursion to Santander.
ACCOMMODATION/FOOD: Independent buildings, Dining room and bedroom cabins intended for each of them with toilets
LOCATION: Tama is the capital of the municipality of Cillorigo de Liébana (Cantabria, Spain) and the first population that crosses out of the gorge of La Hermida and enter the Liébana. Albergue J. "Picos de Europa". 39584 Tama.
- By bus: Route Santander-Potes (Autobuses Palomera: Tef 942880611.).
- Railway: to get to Santander ( / 902 24 02 02)
- By plane: Airport Santander ( Santander/es/ ).

Deutsch-Griechisches Workcamp in der Heimat von Aristoteles

Griechenland    CIA03   Gomati, Municipality of Aristotle   28.08.-12.09.2016   ENVI/SPEC   16vols

PROJECT: Municipality of Aristotle is the local host organization. The Municipality has the challenge to adopt a model of social solidarity, work and education, taking into account the high value of volunteering. It is in the high beliefs of local partner the positive impact an international workcamp could have in the local community as in volunteers too, and how much both sides can get involved to create, work together and taking the benefits of this contribution.
WORK: Volunteers will be involved in cleaning and opening a current traditional stone path that comes alongside with a river. Total length of the path is about 1 km. In the start of the traditional path there is a stone bridge, 850 years old and a small church. Also there is a stone fountain and path ends in the cave of the local Saint. This unique path is in need of care cause a strong flood disaster many of its part, and loses its significant features.
More specifically volunteers will:
a) Clean the path from vegetation and bushes and maintain the steps.
b) Replace old materials (like stones) where is need to.
b) Clean the old small stone bridge and improve its construction.
c) Create sign posts and information panels and put them in appropriate points along the path.
d) Clean an exist viewpoint and create a bench.
ACCOMMODATION: Volunteers will be hosted in the local guest house of Gomati, which is located in the village. There are two main rooms for volunteers to sleep and basic facilities are provided, such as showers and warm water. Local host will supply the team with all the necessary materials and products in order to prepare food, in the kitchen room which exists in the local guest house of Gomati.
LOCATION: The beautiful village is in the main road that connects Thessaloniki with Ierissos. Once there, you can access wonderful beaches such as Develiki, Kastri, Pyrgos, Hiliadou and many hidden ones near Arkouda cape. According to written sources, Gomati was part of Mount Athos up until the 9th century. The old village of Gomati was built on the slopes of Kakavos and you can still discover some of its remains, 4 km from today's settlement. It was protected by the towers of Orfanos, Kounoupi and Develikia and only remains of the first one still exists. The village was relocated due to the destruction of the old one by the 1932 earthquake. Also there are many trails and routes among settlements, or in the forests and near the beaches that can be combined with religious sights too.
NEXT AIRPORT: Thessaloniki's' International "Makedonia" airport (code SKG)
NEXT BUS STATION: From Chalkidiki Bus Terminal to reach Gomati you should catch the 12.45pm bus to Arnea (7,40euro), where you change for the 2.00pm bus to Gomati (note that it runs once a day)
SPECIAL REMARKS: During the workcamp weather will be hot, so work will be physically demanding.
NOTE: This project is granted by the German Youth department (BMFSFJ). Therefore you have to be between 18 and 26 years old. We will make the link between the up to ten German participants, so you might travel together. Thanks to the financial support of the BMFSFJ we can support your travel with 200 Euro per person (max. 100%).