Geförderte Workcamps und Youth Exchanges

Eine kleine Zusammenstellung von aktuellen Projekten, für die wir Freiwillige suchen und die als internationale Jugendbegegnung im Rahmen von Erasmus+ gefördert werden, als bilaterales Projekt in Griechenland oder als tri-nationale Workcamps durch das Deutsch-Französische Jugendwerk.

Zu den kompletten Projektausschreibungen geht es hier.

Italien: Jugendbegegnung "More with less"

10.08.-18.08.2016    24vols     AGE: 21-30

PROJECT: More with Less. Sustainable entrepreneurship for next generation is a Youth Exchange funded by the European Union in which you can have the chance to meet many youngsters from other European countries and to debate with them about the topic of an environmentally sustainable entrepreneurship.
The Youth Exchange is organized by Legambiente which is an Italian non-profit association born in 1980. The mission of the association is to make the environmental culture the centre of a new kind of development and diffused well-being. Important values for the association are the improvement of environmental quality, the fight against all forms of pollution, a wise use of natural resources, the construction of a more balanced relationship between human beings and the nature.

Parco Monte Barro

Griechenland:    IBG-C.i.A    Aristotelis (Chalkidiki)

29.08.-12.09.2016     20vols     AGE: 18-26

PROJECT: Come to birthplace of the philosopher Aristoteles - come to the sea of Chalkidiki! For the first time IBG organises together with the Greek partner "Citizens in Action" (C.i.A.) a German-Greek workcamp in the region east of Thessaloniki. The project will improve the paths in the nature around the different villages of the Aristotelis community. In contrast to other villages of the region you will only find a very small number of tourists here. This is the reason why this area of Chalkidiki was always a bit poorer than the rest.

 Frankreich: Tri-nationale Workcamps in Allègre, Le Mans & Paris

Deutsch- Franzoesisch-Koreanisches Projekt:  ALLÈGRE - Let's embellish the medieval borough!

03.08.-24.08.2016      15vols       AGE: 17+

PROJECT: To embellish is to make something prettier, more attractive and also more charming. And this is exactly what this international workcamp is offering you to do, alongside the town's inhabitants who will be there to encourage you along the way! Allègre is a medieval town with a very rich heritage. At an altitude of 1,000 meters, the remains of a classified castle overlook the village. Today, only the 14th century archway called "La Potence" remains. The village is crossed by old pedestrian alleys, locally called Charreyrons. During 7 summers, international volunteers relayed to renovate these alley-ways and the remaining of the castle. This year; we do invite you to intervene both on the rehabilitation of a dry stone wall and on taking the weeds out of the castle site to enhance it.

Sommerferienaktivitaeten fuer Jugendlichen in Les Sablons (deutsch-franzoesisch-palaestinensisches Camp)

05.08.-26.08.2016      12vols       AGE: 17+

PROJECT: It has been 6 years now since the Normandie-Maine Concordia regional office settled in the popular neighborhood of Le Mans called Les Sablons. The goal of its establishment was the creation of various volunteering projects as part of the social development of the city. Indeed, it would open this neighborhood to an international scale through the creation of a real dynamic in which local inhabitants and youth would get involved. Concordia has been organizing international workcamps for the past 3 years in order to develop local activities for the kids and inhabitants of the neighborhood. Last year's workcamps were very successful and were the opportunity to organize a beautiful block party at the end of the project. This year, we want to renew the experience by organizing 2 camps during summer, in close partnership with the educational team and specialized prevention team of Les Sablons and the Youth Service of Le Mans

Le Mans

Support fuer ein Filmfestival in Paris mit franzoesischen und italienischen Freiwilligen

22.08.-04.09.2016       12vols       AGE: 18+

PROJECT: Cinema and culture fans, this is the workcamp for you! Take part in the organisation and running of the Silhouette festival. In the heart of Paris, this open-air festival is an international short-film competition which brings together more than 20.000 people every year. The Silhouette festival aims to be a friendly and festive event, open to all for free.

Deutschland: Jugendbegegnung "Me & Migration - Be(come) active!" in Augsburg

27.07.-10.08.2016     35vols      AGE: 18+

PROJECT: "Me & Migration - Be(come) active!" Are you active in the field of migration or interested to become it?! Perfect! We would like to invite you to join this special project. With this youth exchange we want to motivate, prepare and support young people for a commitment to support refugees and give the opportunity for a first exchange of experiences.
The main topics of the Youth exchange are:
- Sharing background information about the situation of migration in the different countries, the political mood, concrete strategies to deal with the situation and the point of view of young volunteers who are involved in the field.
- Sharing motivations and ideas, why and how you can be(come) active and also create (artistic) tools to motivate other young people to become active (or at least to exchange methods on how to react to stereotypes or speech of hate)
- Empowering in terms of intercultural and social skills to be(come) active (intercultural communication, dealing with own stereotypes, how to support others,...)
- Sharing first experiences of the commitment for refugees and reflect them in the group.
We will use methods on raising intercultural awareness, make study visits to local initiatives, have discussions and workshops, go on excursions, meet local volunteers and young refugees, support and help at a local peace festival... and of course have lots of fun! 

Jugendhaus Lehmbau in Augsburg

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