Trinationale Workcamps in Frankreich

Eine Besonderheit im alljährlichen Workcampprogramm stellen die "bi- oder trinationalen" Workcamps in Frankreich dar. Dabei handelt es sich um Workcamps, die vom Deutsch-Französischen Jugendwerk (DFJW bzw. OFAJ in Frankreich) gefördert werden. Neben Freiwilligen aus Frankreich und Deutschland ist in den Projekten teilweise noch eine Gruppe aus einem dritten Land dabei -> daher trinational.

Neben spannenden Gruppenkonstellationen bieten diese Camps auch einen Fahrtkostenrückerstattung durch das DFJW (die genaue Höhe steht noch nicht fest).

International youth gathering (France – Germany - Ukraine)
Frankreich    SJ13    International youth gathering    04.07.-25.07.2015    SOCI/ART/CULT   13vols
AGE: 18 - 30
PROJECT: In today's society, we are more and more facing an economic and social model that strengthens inequalities, exclusion and the spirit of competition and comforts many people in their apprehensions, prejudices and representations of the others. It's up to us to propose alternatives and to organize meetings between people of different cultural and social backgrounds which promote an open mind, the understanding and acceptance of choices and conditions that are different from ours without any hierarchy. Reflecting on our own representations and opportunities to unmask them will be the topic of this gathering and treated through artistic expression, in the form of theatre and sculpture. The citizen party, organized every year by the Social Centre on the 13th of July for the local population, will be one occasion to perform. The geographical proximity of the Avignon Theatre Festival, held at the same time, will also reinforce this aspect of the project.
• Encourage reflection about cultural representations in their historical, social and current context. Develop mutual exchanges including topics like interculturalism, solidarity and civic engagement.
• Develop a critical mind and ways of exposing prejudices and mechanisms of prioritization.
• Find an artistic « translation » illustrating these mechanisms and getting people to think about their own representations.
• Participate in local life and contribute to a dynamic of the village.
ACCOMMODATION: The group will be hosted in the Social Center of Vergèze
LOCATION: Vergèze, a small town between Nîmes and Montpellier in the south of France.
SPECIAL REMARKS: 4 participants per country, aged 18 to 30 + 1 « leader ». We wish participants to be volunteers and interested in the topic, no other special skills are requested.Lodging and accomodation costs are covered + partial travel reimboursement according to grants from German-French-Youth-Office.
Dt.-Frz. Origamikunstprojekt zur Klimakonferenz in Paris
Frankreich    CONCF-097    PARIS ORIGAMI    20.07.-03.08.2015    ENVI/ART   10vols
PROJECT: This year, France will host the COP 21, the United Nations Conference on climate change. It will be the opportunity to raise awareness in young people in everyday good practices in order to fight global warming and to engage them in global politics events. On that point, volunteers, local associations and inhabitants of Paris’ 19th arrondissement unite for an urban art project in origami, fully recyclable and environmentally-friendly.
WORK: With a technical leader you will participate at the creation of a mural in origami with German and French volunteers (paper collection, preparation of origami, outdoor installation, opening of the art exhibit…). Throughout the workcamp you will organize many sharing moments and activities with the local children to raise their awareness of sustainable development, to teach them eco-friendly good practices and to make them discover new languages and cultures.
ACCOMMODATION: In a collective accommodation.
LANGUAGES: English, German and French.
SPECIAL REMARKS: For German and French volunteers only. Bring working clothes and shoes and a sleeping bag.
TERMINAL: Concordia Ile-de-France office, 156 rue d'Aubervilliers, 75019 Paris. 

Trinationales Workcamp zum Thema Frieden und Gedenkstaettenarbeit
Frankreich    CONCF-062    LANGOELAN    22.07.-12.08.2015    RENO/TEEN/STUDY   12vols
AGE: 15-17
PROJECT: Kergoët, in the village of Langoelan, is a very important place for WWII where six members of the “Resistance” died after a terrible battle on July 1st, 1944. Last year was the event’s 70th anniversary and hundreds of people came to honor the fighters. Today, the mayor would like to work on a remembrance project that would need technical intervention but also some work on the symbolic aspect of peace in order to make Kergoët from a place of contemplation to one of life and hope. This project will be in partnership with the neighboring towns of Mellionnec and Lescouët Gouarec.
WORK: You will work on the crystallization process of the ruins of one of the buildings that were burned down during the war. You will also install a panel explaining what happened here and showing photos of the “freedom fighters”.
1/ The sheepfold will need to be worked on in order to make it airy and to crystallized the ruins. Rather than build a new one, the goal is to enhance the place as it is today. The substructure of the building will be built about 50cm high in order to get an idea of its configuration.
2/ The work on remembrance still needs to be defined in agreement with the inhabitants. Indeed, they are the ones who carry this memory and the young locals will be able to offer a new perspective for a future of hope and peace, far away from the current traumatizing memories still associated with this place. The volunteers will help setting up a panel with photos of the victims, together with a text or poem giving a message of Peace.
ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: You will stay in two-persons tents (please bring your sleeping bag and mat) on a campsite, with meals under a marquee or in the municipal hall.
LOCATION AND LEISURE: Langoëlan is a very dynamic town of 411 inhabitants. It is located north of the Morbihan department, close to the Cotes d’Armor department where the neighboring towns of Mellionec and Lescouët Gouarec (partners of this project) are. Langoëlan has a very rich and incredible heritage from the Roman period and a typical Brittany landscape (the literal meaning of the town is “close to the wild heathland”). The artificial lake of Guerledan is close by. It will be exceptionally emptied up in 2015, thus making old houses, gardens and locks visible. In Brittany, you can have different types of weather in the same day! Make sure to bring warm clothes and shoes together with lighter ones and a raincoat. You should also bring gloves, work clothes, work shoes and a swimsuit. Nights can be chilly: bring a thick sleeping bag!
MEETING POINT: Pontivy SNCF train station.
SPECIAL REMARKS: Trinational project with volunteers from France, Hungarya and Germany. A part of travel costs of participants is supported on presentation of original receipts.
EXTRA FEE: 165€ 

Traditionelle Handwerkstechniken und deutsch-französisch-koreanische Begegnung
Frankreich    CONCF-037    ALLEGRE    05.08.-26.08.2015    RENO   15vols
PROJECT: Allègre is a medieval town with a very rich heritage. At an altitude of 1,000 metres, the remains of a castle classed as a Historic Monument overlook the village. Today, a large, 14th century archway named "La Potence" remains. The village is crossed by old pedestrian alleyways or small, steep pathways, locally called "charreyrons". This seventh consecutive work camp working with Allègres town council will help renovate one of the "charreyrons" providing access to the castle on foot. Local celebrations and the discovery of the region will be on your workcamp schedule! This project is based on a local tradition of French-German exchanges.
WORK: You will finish the restoration of the "charreyrons" by working on the paving on the lower part of the path. The higher part was renovated during the international workcamps of 2013 and 2014. Two rough tracks will be created and the paving will be made using a traditional technique: you will remove the existing cover layer and replace it by “trifous” (local round stones) laid side by side, on a layer of soil. This technique gives a beautiful aesthetic result. The secondary objective for you will be to participate in the reconstruction of the dry stone wall which supports the path.
ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: In an apartment in the town centre (bring your own sleeping bag). Group life will take place in a municipal room made available for the group with a spacious, fully-equipped kitchen and a large activity hall.
LOCATION AND LEISURE: Allègre (1000 inhabitants) is located in the Haute-Loire department in Auvergne region. It is 30 km north from Le-Puy-en-Velay. It is a village in the Natural Regional Park of Livradois-Forez, with remarkable natural and built heritage, at the foot of Mont Bar. You will have the opportunity to swim in the lakes and to take part in outdoor leisure activities.
REQUIREMENTS: Nights can be chilly, so please bring warm clothes and a sleeping bag, work gloves, clothes and shoes. Do not forget to bring your swimsuit.
Trinational OFAJ France - Germany – South Korea. A part of travel costs of participants is supported on presentation of original receipts.
For more information have a look at: and
MEETING POINT: Darsac SNCF train station.
TERMINAL: Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon or Paris airport. 

Kunst - Kinder - Paris: ein traumhafter Sommer!
Frankreich    CONCF-095    PARIS 19     05.08.-19.08.2015    ART/MANU   12vols (no more female)
PROJECT: Located in the North-East of Paris, the 19th arrondissement of Paris is a dynamic area with a rich associative life. Popular district of the city, a large range of social-educational initiatives are being developed in the neighborhood. For this summer 2015, Concordia and the local non-profit organisation are uniting for urban art and a social-educational activities project. With the local children you will take part in the realisation of an ambitious urban art project to revitalize the district.
WORK: With a technical leader you will take part in an urban art project. Throughout the workcamp, you will share many good times with the local children.
ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: You will stay in a permanent accommodation.
LOCATION AND LEISURE: In the 19th arrondissement of Paris.
LANGUAGE: English and French.
SPECIAL REMARKS: This is a trilateral project with Volunteers from France, Germany and Italy.
MEETING POINT: Délégation Concordia Ile-de-France, 156 rue de Aubervilliers, 75019 Paris.
TERMINAL: Paris airport. 

Pflege eine Kirche gemeinsam mit einem Workcamp von 1965 - viel Begegnung garantiert!
Frankreich    CONCF-127    CASTELNAU D’AUZAN    04.09.-25.09.2015    RENO   12vols
PROJECT: The town of Castelnau d’Auzan hosted Concordia international workcamps between 1965 and 1968. The 1965 volunteers have decided to meet up again in September 2015 in Castelnau d’Auzan in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their workcamp and friendship. The mayor proposed to organise another workcamp during the same period of time. Many activities and festivities will be organized together with the “1965 group” and the locals. In the meantime, you will work to enhance and facilitate the access to Notre Dame de Pibèque church.
WORK: The church was built in 1896 on a 2 hectares land. It is in great conditions and is still considered an “architectural jewel”. However, in order to walk to the “miraculous fountain” below, visitors must go through a path that is now covered with vegetation. The steps and low walls around the fountain are in a bad shape and need to be rebuilt. Therefore, you will build the semi-circular low wall around the fountain and restore the steps of the stone stair. You will also help clean off the vegetation from the path.
ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: You will stay in a recent communal building with direct access to the toilets, showers and collective kitchen (you will be sharing the facilities with the “1965 group”). You will have access to a club-house and covered courtyard.
LOCATION AND LEISURE: Castelnau d’Auzan (1000 inhabitants) is a little town from the Gers department. It is located in a haven of greenery, between the Landes forest, the Armagnac area, 1h from the ocean and close to the Pyrenees Mountains. The town dates back from the 12th century, where the Armagnac area was filled with medieval castles and bastides (country houses). You will be able to hikes in this beautiful Middle-Age scenery and take part into traditional games, local events and celebrations. Moreover, you will be able to discover the local gastronomy: wines, Floc de Gascogne, Armagnac, foies gras, confits etc.
SPECIAL REMARKS: This is a trilateral project with Volunteers from France, Germany and Italy. A part of travel costs of participants is supported on presentation of original receipts.
MEETING POINT: Agen SNCF train station, then bus to Barbotan Les Thermes.
TERMINAL: Toulouse, Bordeaux or Paris airport. 



Aktuelle Anzahl Camps in der Liste: 23

Unterstuetze Kaffeebauern und Familien in Santa Maria de Dota
Costa Rica    ACIWC03-17    Community of Santa Maria de Dota. Coffee – Rural Experience     08.12.-23.12.2017    ENVI/AGRI/CONS   15vols
PROJECT: Sitting along the flank of the thundering Talamanca Mountain Range, Santa Maria de Dota is positioned in a gorgeous valley where birding, hiking, fishing and photography provide endless opportunities to explore this tranquil region. Its geography is suited to growing coffee, mostly because the slopes of the mountains face the morning light and the cloud cover protects the coffee trees in the afternoon. The red soil found in the valley is of volcanic origin. All this plus the altitude make ideal conditions to grow the coffees harvested by locals.
WORK: 1-Infrastructure project (to be confirmed a month before the starting date for the workcamp). It can be painting or building a facility for the local community.
2-Maintenance of green areas and different facilities when it is needed.
3-English Classes as Workshops for the workers of the Coop.
4-Support in the Coffee Process (Picking Coffee Beans) in local Families Farms – This part will be more as an experience for the international volunteers.
ACCOMMODATION: During Orientation Process (first night in San José): ACI Costa Rica will place the group of international volunteers in a Hostel located in San José, very close from ACI Office. Lodging and food will be covered by ACI Costa Rica.
During the time in Santa Maria: Local Families will be more than happy to receive 15 international volunteers plus our ACI supervisor and leader of the group. Families will supply three meals a day, a private room and all their care to the volunteers. Families may be included in some of the activities as well.
LOCATION: Santa Maria de Dota is positioned in a gorgeous valley where birding, hiking, fishing and photography provide endless opportunities to explore this tranquil region. Some 200 species of birds can be found in the area, including quetzals, tanagers, hummingbirds and wood peckers. Birders and hikers will also be glad to know that the Los Quetzales National Park is close by and provides an outstanding opportunity to witness resplendent quetzals as well as some small mammals. Also within a short driving distance are the eye-catching Naranjo Waterfalls. Santa Maria can be considered as a middle size town or a small city with all the facilities as: banks, supermarkets, hospital and many clinics, stores, cafeterias, etc.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: A lot of maturity, willing to follow instructions and to work as a team, willing to do physical work, good social skills and willing to teach English if this is requested. Good level of English. No needed but better with: Spanish skills, experience in projects of construction of infrastructure. A motivation letter is required!
EXTRA FEE: €180 required for administration costs of ACI Costa Rica and the workcamp.

Renovation work and support for the local Daffodil Spring Festival
Deutschland    IBG 01    Schillingen    14.03.-28.03.2018    RENO/FEST   10vols
PROJECT: Schillingen is a village 30 km from Germany's oldest city, Trier, in a beautiful landscape. You will be active for the youth of Schillingen and improve and renovate the local youth club. The club is very small - more or less only one room - but still important as meeting place for the teenagers. Additionally, you will support the local community in running the daffodil-festival. The wild daffodil is the first flower to bloom in spring. In Schillingen, there are several meadows where this rare and protected flower can be found in great numbers. The festival is planned for March 25th but depending on the flowers it might have to be brought forward or postponed. Also, you will have the opportunity to get into contact with the local youngsters and with local associations e.g. the local voluntary fire brigade or the kindergarten. So please be prepared to present your country to local children and teenagers.
WORK: There will be two main tasks:
1. To renovate and decorate the local youth club. Probably painting work will be an important part of it. Parts of the work will be realised together with local youngsters.
2. To support the local community running the daffodil-festival on March 25th. In the past they had more than 1.000 visitors per year enjoying the first flowers of spring, having a drink and listening to traditional music.
There might be some other tasks in the village, for example maintenance work on a playground.
ACCOMMODATION: You will be hosted in parish rooms of the local Catholic Church in the centre of the village. There is enough space, a kitchen and toilets, but you will have to sleep on the floor (no beds, please bring a mat and a sleeping bag). The showers are in the sports hall nearby.
LOCATION: Schillingen has 1.200 inhabitants and is situated in a touristic green area not far from Trier. The area is well known for cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities. Many tourists visit the area, but also local people come here for cycling (there is a 45 km cycling path on a former railway roadbed) or to spend a nice day outside, e.g. at a near-by lake. The region also offers plenty of historic sites (castles, museums....). Public transport is quite poor during the weekend, so the number of excursions will be limited. But for sure Trier, with the famous Roman sites, the cathedral and the birthplace of Karl Marx can be visited.
NEXT TRAIN STATION: Trier. You will have to arrive in Trier before 7 p.m. to catch the last bus to the campsite.
NEXT AIRPORTS: Hahn (HHN), Luxembourg (LUX), Frankfurt (FRA)

Build an adventure trail in the Black Forest
Deutschland    IBG 02    Grafenhausen    07.04.-21.04.2018    ENVI/CONS   12vols
PROJECT: The community of Grafenhausen, located in the Black Forest, invites an international workcamp for the 3rd time. It is a village with about 2.100 inhabitants in the South of Germany that has a lot to offer: e.g. the very interactive "Black Forest Museum", a public pool, and a sculpture park (where the international group of 2015 worked). Grafenhausen is located at about 1.000 meters altitude, therefore the weather in April is still unpredictable: Be prepared for warm and sunny temperatures, as well as coldness and maybe even a day of snow.
WORK: This year's task is to create an "adventure trail": You willl build a path with various stops where visitors and kids may try out a task, learn playfully about nature and test out their senses.
Your tasks will include: The installation of a bare foot path (a path with different grounds, where people are supposed to walk bare foot and feel the wood, stones, grit, etc.), building a sundial, a fence, and different playground equipment. Additionally, there might be similar tasks to complete the adventure trail. You will work mostly with wood, stone and soil. Be prepared to get dirty!
ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated in a beautiful group house where showers and a kitchen are provided. The house is in the middle of the village.
LOCATION: Grafenhausen is a very nice village within a beautiful landscape. The surrounding area is perfect for hiking trips: There are lakes close-by and it is not even half an hour by car to the Feldberg (the highest German mountain outside of the Alps). Also, the famous beer "Tannenzaepfle" is brewed in Grafenhausen and you might be able to visit the brewery. Furthermore, there are regular train connections to Freiburg (a university city with lots of students) and Lake Constance.
However, the village is in a very rural area. The community will lend you a bus to make shopping and excursions easier, nevertheless, be prepared for two calming weeks in the forest and far away from big city life.
NEXT AIRPORT: Stuttgart, Baden-Baden, Zuerich (Switzerland!)

Renovate the community's outdoor swimming pool
Deutschland    IBG 03    Muensingen    15.04.-06.05.2018    RENO/MANU   15vols
PROJECT: The town of Muensingen will host its first workcamp in 2018 and is looking forward to your help: The outdoor swimming pool needs to be renovated. The town wants to take this process as a chance to change a lot: The swimming pool is supposed to become a place where people meet, spend their summer holidays together, and do sports (not only swimming, but also "adventure golf", table tennis, and so on).
A part of the work will be done professionally; the renovation has already been started in autumn 2017 and will finish in autumn 2018. In spring 2018, shortly before the swimming season starts, you will help with the manual work.
WORK: The municipality has lots of ideas how the area of the swimming pool can become more attractive: You will set up a table tennis place as well as an adventure golf parkour, put up wooden loungers to create resting places, and install waste containers, on top of which you will plant herbs. The work will be manual and might be exhausting sometimes; but for sure it is going to be interesting and varied and will allow you to see a big difference in the end!
ACCOMMODATION: [to be confirmed]
LOCATION: Muensingen is a town with about 15.000 inhabitants. It is located in the Swabian Alpes and part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (a protected ecosystem with rare plants and animals). The area is perfect for hiking: Quite rural, with many great view-points and various old castle (ruins) that are worth visiting. Muensingen itself has a very nice centre with old half-timbered houses that are typical for this region. It offers a great infrastructure with shops, museums and besides the outdoor swimming pool you are working at there is also an indoor one.
During your stay, the "Almauftrieb" (spring cattle drove) will take place: The cattle will be walked back to their meadows, where they will spend the summer - a very traditional and worth-seeing event in the Swabian Alpes.
NEXT AIRPORTS: Stuttgart, Memmingen, Muenchen

Volunteer at Lake Constance and support environmental work
Deutschland    IBG 04    Reichenau    19.05.-03.06.2018    ENVI/CONS   15vols
PROJECT: The municipality of Reichenau will invite a group of international volunteers for the first time. The village is quite well-known for its location directly at Lake Constance (partly on mainland, partly on an island.) For this project, the town will cooperate with the "NABU", a big German environmental organization that supports you with a work instructor.
WORK: Your task will be the installation of a gravel path in a natural area on mainland. People will have the possibility to walk here, to observe nature and animals. To support this experience, you will also build "activity stops": For example a simple wooden shelter that allows you to watch birds, a boardwalk to discover a pond, etc.
ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated in the local gym hall, in which lots of space, camp beds, showers and a very well-equipped kitchen are provided. Within the gym, there is also a "youth club room", that is usually used by local youngsters aged 15 to early twenties. During the workcamp, you are welcome to use this room as well, play table tennis, foosball or dart, and meet the locals.
LOCATION: Reichenau is partly located on the island "Reichenau", which is the biggest island on Lake Constance. The community has about 5.000 inhabitants and is just a few kilometers away from the university town of Constance, where you will find pubs, clubs, museums and more. Lake Constance is not only the biggest lake in Germany, but also one of the biggest in Central Europe. It invites you to go swimming, take a boat trip, or bike around the lake. Also, Switzerland and Austria are just a stone's throw away.
NEXT AIRPORT: Baden-Baden, Memmingen, Stuttgart, Basel (Switzerland!)

Helft dem Orgateam des Feuerkuenstler Festivals in mitelalterlichen Ruinen in Tallinn
Estland    EST 01    FIRE ARTIST S COMPETITION 2018 (TALLINN)    26.01.-05.02.2018    FEST   9vols
PROJECT: Fire Artist's Association was founded to raise awareness of Fire Arts, to offer everyone a chance to learn and perform with any kind or type of Fire Art and to show that it can be much more than a primitive street art. The association also promotes good standards of Fire Safety for fire artists cooperating closely with local rescue department. One of the largest projects is organizing Fire Artist's competitions, which started off as a small event for local artists but quickly became international. Every year the International Fire Artist's Competition takes place in Estonia now. This event is organized by the small community of the Fire Artist's Association and right now there are just not enough people to get everything done for the event and international volunteers are invited to help it out. This year International Fire Artist's Competition will take place in Tallinn again with the theme - Faith, Trust and Fairy dust. It will be held at the grounds of the famous Ruins of the St. Brigit s Convent ( in Pirita district of Tallinn. The history of these ruins rising above the banks of the Pirita River dates back to 1407, when the largest nunnery in Old Livonia was founded there. It survived in its original form until 1577, when the forces of Ivan the Terrible destroyed it. At the end of the last century, several extensive excavation and conservation projects took place on the premises of the medieval convent. The massive facade, walls, cellars and graveyard have survived until the present and became a popular festival venue, especially for summer concerts. And it is managed by the sisters of the Brigettine Order, whose premises are located nearby.
WORK: You will be doing some tasks for the Pirita Convent, as well as the Viking's village , both of whom are supporting our event and workcamp. The event area is big, and there is a lot of preparation work to be done. You need to be creative, quick on your feet and able to find solutions on the spot. You will be involved in preparing the technical side of the event but also communicating with people, so expect anything from decorating the area, carrying the necessary equipment to the area to meeting and welcoming guests, showing directions and so on.
ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: Volunteers will live in the Pirita Convent, which is right next to the ancient ruins. The nuns of the convent have kindly agreed to host our volunteers this year, only expecting some donation/ support we can give. Please bring a sleeping bag. Toilets and showers are available. Volunteers will have simple breakfast prepared by nuns. For lunch and dinner volunteers will be provided some local food which we have to prepare ourselves. Please be ready to experience foreign, unusual, even strange sometimes food habits.
LOCATION AND LEISURE: Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. You can get a lot of information on Tallinn on and Tallinn has very well preserved a medieval Old Town listed in UNESCO Heritage List with rich history, museums, churches, but also pubs and intensive nightlife. The Convent is situated a little outside of city center (15 min by public bus) following the sea shore line. You will spend time in beautiful ancient ruins of a convent, see how the convent operates today and communicate with its inhabitants. They will give you some historical introductions and tours of the place. Besides, you will learn a lot about Fire and Fire safety and have a small Fire safety training as well. You will be able to see the artists rehearse and perform. And there are a lot of possibilities for leisure time activities as you are in Tallinn where one can find attractions for all tastes: sightseeing and museums, concerts, live music, pubs, etc.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Please bring your sleeping bag. Be brave, communicative and be ready to be independent and find solutions in different situations and tasks. Please respect local customs, the convent and its nuns that are welcoming you. Please consider that Estonia is a Nordic country and the camp takes place at WINTER time, so it can be rather cold. Please have enough warm snow/ rain resistant clothes and good water and cold proof shoes with you. Camp language is English.
EXTRA FEE: Since EstYES neither its camp partner Fire Artist's Association does not receive sufficient financial support for this camp from municipality nor from private sources we have to charge participants an extra fee of 110 Euro. It has to be paid by volunteers upon arrival to the camp, and it is to cover food, transportation and administration costs.

Outdoor-Projekt bei frostigen Temperaturen in einem Jugendzentrum in Lappland
Finnland    ALLI01    Lapland Winter Inari    08.01.-19.01.2018    ENVI   10vols
PROJECT: The camp host Vasatokka is one of ten national youth centers providing services for young people with the financial support of the Ministry of Education. The main purpose of these national youth centres is to support the work of teachers and trainers and to be of service to national and international youth activities. The centres offer a safe operational environment to children and young people.
WORK: The volunteers will build skiing and winter land to the yard and decorate it with snow sculptures. There might also be other work depending on weather conditions. The host can provide winter overalls and working shoes if needed, but volunteers must be prepared with proper winter clothes (jacket, hat, scarf, woollen socks, gloves etc.), because the work is outdoors even though it can be really cold (average temperature -16 degrees).
ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation will be in dormitory or a cabin with common kitchen, toilets and showers. Volunteers must bring sleeping bags with them. The volunteers will prepare the meals themselves. During free time volunteers can go ice fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, to sauna etc. It is also possible to do some sightseeing around the area e.g. to reindeer farm or Sami museum, but the volunteers have to pay the fees and transport themselves.
LOCATION: Northern Lapland, Inari, see The environment is characterized by arctic nature and three Lappish cultures: Inari Sami, North Sami and Skolt Sami. Also the nearness of the Arctic Ocean in Norway and Russia are emphasized. Vasatokka is located in amidst incredible lake scenery on the shores of Lake Muddusjärvi, near the wilderness area of Muotkatunturi and of the recreation area of Inari. January is the best time for Aurora hunting in Lapland so be prepared for some magnificent Auroras .
TERMINAL: The nearest bus stop and grocery is in Inari village (10km from the venue). The nearest airport is in Ivalo (60 km), nearest railway station in Rovaniemi (340km), from there you can continue by bus to Inari. You can also take a bus from Helsinki (1200 km). The volunteers have to arrange their travel all the way to Vasatokka centre themselves.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: The place is far from civilization. Those who like nature will fall in love with this place. Volunteers need to have a travel insurance and bring warm clothes with them, the weather can be really cold.

Erlebe die ruhige Seite Londons und helfe bei verschiedenen Umweltprojekten mit
Großbritannien    VAP UK-08     DULWICH CHRISTMAS WORKCAMP, LONDON    09.12.-19.12.2017    ENVI   12vols
BACKGROUND: A group of 12 volunteers are invited to spend 10 days in south London. But it won’t feel as if you are in a city: volunteers will stay at a Scout Centre in the midst of woodland with no houses in sight! Dulwich is a pleasant, quiet corner of London.
WORK: Volunteers will work on different environmental projects: At the London Wildlife Trust completing practical conservation tasks in the beautiful Sydenham Hill Woods, working alongside local volunteers. Work will be physical and it will be cold and possibly wet so please come prepared with waterproof clothing a good boots. London Wildlife Trust is an urban nature conservation charity working to improve London's green spaces for people and wildlife. Volunteers will also be working in nearby Dulwich Park (a favourite of the late Queen Mary who visited it every year) and Belair Park with the local authority parks department.
ACCOMMODATION: South London Scout Centre has bunk beds and central heating but it may be cold and wet. Sleeping bags and working clothes and shoes will be needed. The group will cook meals at the centre.
ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: As this is a short camp volunteers will arrive on Saturday 9th and depart on Tuesday 19th. If you want to visit London or go shopping arrange to arrive earlier or stay after the camp.
LEISURE: Visits to local projects of interest will be organised. There will be a free weekend when there will be a chance to visit London.
HOSTING FEE: It is difficult and expensive to stay in London so we have to charge £130 GBP for the 10 days. This will pay for the accommodation and a basic budget for food. The fee should be paid upon arrival.

Aufforstungsprojekt in Nordindien
Indien    RC-02/18    Solan - Save the Earth    05.02.-17.02.2018    ENVI   10vols
PROJECT: Rural Centre for Human Interests (RUCHI) is a community development organization with ever increasing focus on youth development and intercultural learning through voluntary service. RUCHI got registered in 1983, under Indian Societies Registration Act as a non-political, non-profit making voluntary organization.
WORK: Volunteers will do actual plantation of trees on waste land near Ruchi campus. Work would be preparing holes, clear weeds and plant trees to rejuvenate forests. Besides tree plantation, volunteers will educate people how the trees are linked to life and survival of human beings. Tree nursery may also be developed for future plantation. Volunteers will get orientation before starting project. Additional activities will include learning of various developmental issues and solutions. They will visit various humanitarian projects and interact with the villagers.
ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: Volunteers will live in the RUCHI campus. All basic amenities will be available with library facilities. Asian squat type toilet and English WC will be available. Vegetarian food will be served. A cook will be there but volunteers are expected to help him and occasionally cook their own meals and self-management is required. Sleeping bags are also necessary.
LOCATION: campus is located near Bandh village. It is 30 km from Kalka and 60 km from Chandigarh. Bandh village is small located in interior mountainous area and the volunteers will have a unique opportunity to live with nature in a peaceful environment. RUCHI campus is one km. from the village.
LEISURE TIME: Self organized city tours and excursions. Old Sikh and Hindu temples in the near vicinity can be visited. Nearby Kasauli town is another hill station as a tourist attraction. A visit to Shimla will offer an opportunity to see high Himalayan Mountains.
DOMESTIC TERMINAL: Chandigarh and Shimla (70 kms)
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Interest in environment and climate change and learning ability, High motivation.

Mangrovenpflanzungen als Kuestenschutzprojekt auf Java
Indonesien    IIWC1801    Mangkang Camp 18-1    16.01.-29.01.2018    ENVI/EDU   10vols
PROJECT: Mangkang is a fisher and farmer village located in West Semarang. This project has become an annual and continuous project organized by IIWC in answering the needs of preserving the coastal side of the North Java Sea in Mangkang. About 1,1 km costal line in the Mangkang area is now in danger due to the abrasion of the sea, the cutting of mangrove by local people and heavy force from the river flows. Before, many kinds of fish and shrimps were living there, but now since the condition of the mangrove forest is getting worse, it is quite difficult to find the species anymore. Fishermen also need to go further into the ocean to fish and that means more work that they need to do in order to earn money. Mangkang is the project site for IIWCs World Tanabata Action of CCIVS UNESCO and Climate4Peace of SCI International. Preserving the natural diversity and the sea shore from the abrasion because there arent any mangrove anymore and the currents from the ocean are too strong will be the main focus of the camp. This project was implemented by the collaboration between IIWC Indonesia and the local community named BIOTA Foundation ( The aim is to initiate the project to protect the sea shore by planting mangroves and, to increase the awareness of the local people, the fishermen, and the local students to protect their environment as well as their future.
WORK: Planting mangroves and other trees on the beach, environment education, garbage management discussions with local people and local children, some physical activities to support the garbage management program in this area, school visits for environment education, green campaigning in city centre, and promoting the mangrove fruits as snacks or foods. A testimony of previous volunteer from Lithuania can be found here:
ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: IIWC Volunteer house, sleeping bag is needed, self cooking, and self management.
LOCATION AND LEISURE: Mangunharjo Village, Mangkang, Semarang Central Java Indonesia.
NEAREST AIRPORT: Ahmad Yani - International Airport Semarang Indonesia
SPECIAL REMARKS: Very hot and poor hygiene conditions in the poor coastal area, be ready with sun block and sun burnt. Please bring some ideas for environmental education (especially about mangrove and how to take care of it) and Olympic games for environmental education for small children aged from 6-12 and adults. Volunteers are requested to bear their own health and travel insurance.
EXTRA FEE: Rp. 2.750.000 (ca. 175€)

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