10. October 2019

Naturtheater Heidenheim

Dein Blick hinter die Kulissen: Sei beim Bühnenbau im Naturtheater mit dabei!




10 Freiwillige inkl. Campleitungen


Your host is the Open-Air Theatre Heidenheim, the 2nd largest open-air theatre in Southern Germany. It is situated on the “castle hill” of the town, surrounded by forests, and can accommodate up to 1100 spectators. The Open-Air Theatre is run by a non-profit association and celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. The association is very happy about your help with the preparation of the summer season. This project is perfect for everyone who is interested in theatre and wants to have a look behind the scenes! Have a look at the Theatre here: www.naturtheater.de 


The work camp group will help with the stage design construction. You will screw, nail, and paint. Smaller props might need to be built, too.
There will be a professional stage designer and instructor who helps you with all the tasks. Some experience in manual/constructional work and in using tools like cordless screwdrivers is highly recommended, however!


You will be accommodated directly on the project side: Next to the stage, there is huge building for administration, a workshop, a cafe, and more. Here you will have two rooms for yourselves, showers, a kitchen and a common room. Please bring a sleeping bag!


Heidenheim an der Brenz is a town with about 46.000 inhabitants. The area is rather rural with a beautiful countryside: located on one end of the Swabian Albs, there are many hills and forests. You will find a castle and a wildlife park in Heidenheim, the second one very close to the theatre. Also an organic farm you can visit to learn more about where our food comes from and what life on a farm looks like. If you would like to visit a larger town, you could go to Ulm which is only 30km away. But also Stuttgart and Munich are just about 2 hours by train.

Melde dich hier an, wenn du die Campleitung für dieses Workcamp übernehmen möchtet. Wenn du Fragen zum Projekt oder deinen Aufgaben als Campleitung hast, melde dich einfach bei uns.