10. November 2022

Voluntary service with Grenzenlos in Austria (6 months)

Support the project "Grenzenlos without Barriers"

Our partner organization Grenzlos is a non-profit and non-governmental organization in Austria whose main goal is to promote peace and tolerance through international non-formal education programs that combine cultural integration with engagement in non-profit initiatives worldwide.
In the office of Grenzlos in Vienna there are 9 paid employees: inside. Many volunteers and volunteers visit the office regularly, as do young people interested in exchange opportunities.

From May 1st to October 31st, 2023 Grenzlos is looking for a volunteer with a disability to support the office team.

Grenzlos' focus on including and fostering the engagement of people with disabilities in all programs means that there is a constant need for knowledge and expertise that a volunteer with a disability could bring: for example as a peer volunteer for volunteers with and without disabilities.

Your tasks

The opportunities and capacities for young people with disabilities and disadvantaged young people to take part in international voluntary services are often limited. With your experience and expertise, Grenzlos would like to be able to offer more disadvantaged young people the opportunity for an international experience.

As a volunteer in the Grenzlos office you can...

  •     ...learn more about working in an NGO,

  •     ...inform you about international youth encounters and voluntary services and

  •     ...get to know other social institutions in Vienna.

Your specific tasks and areas of application will be tailored to your skills, interests and abilities.

Part of the time you will work in the office, gathering information, researching, visiting organisations, speaking to other volunteers and compiling outcomes resource material for future exchanges.

In summer you can join the workcamps, short international projects in Austria. These projects have a focus on the integration of national and international people with disabilities.

Another focus of the project could be that you visit other organizations in Vienna: Depending on your interests, you can get to know another organization for one or two days a week and develop your own small project there.

Your profile

You should be between 18 and 30 years old. You do not need any special previous experience or special work or language skills. Boundless Without Barriers is only available to volunteers with disabilities to participate.

As the project will be very individually tailored to each volunteer, it is difficult to say what profile a volunteer should have. In any case, Grenzlos welcomes volunteers who are open to new experiences, willing to try new things and challenge their personal limits.


Participation in the European Solidarity Corps is free. You will receive free board and lodging throughout your assignment. In addition, you will receive a small allowance for personal expenses throughout the duration of the project, including your vacation days.

Apply now

Simply fill out the "Application Form Melange" and send it along with your CV and a letter of motivation to our colleagues at Grenzlos: bewerbung@melange.at

Lukas is at your disposal for all questions about ESC voluntary services and the application:

Send an email: outgoing@ibg-workcamps.org