22. February 2024

Voluntary service in Estonia (min 1 month)

Work on a horse farm on the Estonian island of Hiiumaa

According to the Norse sagas, Hiiumaa was formed as a small island out of the Baltic Sea more than 10,000 years ago. Today Hiiumaa is the second largest island in Estonia. It has many historical and natural attractions, and there are friendly people known for their hospitality and sense of humor.

The island is described as a remote area of Europe and our Estonian partner organization EstYES is proud to organize international volunteer projects there for almost twenty years. EstYES works with eco-farms all over Estonia to offer solidarity, respect and practical support and to keep the traditional lifestyle and develop a new eco-agriculture despite all the difficulties. Alliksaare Farm on Hiiumaa Island is one of these projects. She is an organic farm that promotes a sustainable lifestyle.

The main activity of Alliksaare Farm in Estonia is horse breeding. At the moment there are around 100 horses on the farm.

Duration of the stay

at least 1 month between the end of April and the end of October 2024, preferably longer

Your tasks

The work on the farm is varied: it involves tending and caring for the pastures by the sea - clearing around the pastures, building or removing fences, repairing fences. Another job is cleaning the shoreline near the farm from trash brought in by storms. There can be some work involved in preparing feed for horses for a winter season.

But the most important work is directly with the horses - taking care of them and training horses. If you can ride and know more about horses, it is possible to go on horseback rides and continue working with horses. If you want to learn to ride, that is also possible. There are young and older horses, so it is possible to learn how to care for and train horses of all ages, starting with training foals, how to walk the lead and trust them to trust people, as well as riding some restless ones Riding horses or training horses under saddle or in front of a carriage.

The work mainly takes place outdoors. The working time is 6-8 hours a day. The work is done with some supervision and guidance from the local host, but also quite a bit independently.

Your profile

You should be open-minded and ready to adapt to the simple conditions of everyday life in the Estonian countryside. Be prepared to work independently without constant supervision.

Please note that the work is mainly agricultural work, which can be tough at times. It would be great if you have experience with horses. It also helps if you have some technical skills: repairing machines, building machines, operating chainsaws, etc. Driving license is an advantage.

Smoking and alcohol consumption are not permitted on the farm.

Participation and extra fee

In addition to the placement fee, you pay a one-off contribution of 150 euros towards the costs of the general administration of the farm. This contribution is independent of the length of your stay.

Apply now!

Here you can now apply to volunteer at the horse farm.

Lukas is happy to answer any questions you may have about volunteer services and applications:

Send an email: outgoing@ibg-workcamps.org
Telephone: +49 6022 279 38 51