18. February 2021

Coronavirus / Covid-19: Info regarding workcamps in Germany

You would like to participate in a workcamp in Germany, but are wondering whether and how the spread of the Covid-19 might affect your travel plans? You are not sure if the workcamp you applied for is going to take place at all? Here, we have put together the most important info for you:

Is the workcamp I signed up for going to take place?

Many workcamps of IBG in Germany had to be cancelled last year. It is still difficult to make definite plans for this year, but we are optimistic that our workcamps in summer and autumn can take place as planned. Your safety and health, just as everybody else's, is our priority in any project. Be assured that we will take the neccessary health and sanitary precautions in all of our projects. Should there be any changes or cancellations to your workcamp, we will inform you immediately.

Please be aware that we can only really plan ahead a couple of weeks at the moment, so we ask you to wait to buy tickets for travelling to your workcamp until you receive a definite confirmation that your workcamp is going to take place.

On May 31st we will confirm or cancel the workcamps until August and on July 31st the workcamps from September onwards, depending on the  development. 

How should I prepare for travelling?

Please make sure that your travel plans are compatible with the most recent entry restrictions and quarantine regulations in Germany.  You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions in the recommendations and policies issued by the German Ministry of Health.

Please take the time to also check these recommendations and advice (including some myth-busters of the most common false beliefs) by the WHO to learn more about how to stay safe and healthy. Feel free to check them even if you cannot travel at the moment due to travel bans or collective quarantines - these recommendations are equally important in our everyday life right now.

Who can I contact for further questions about my workcamp?

We will gladly support you if you cannot find the relevant information yourself or have any further questions. Please note that due to the current situation the IBG team is working almost exclusively from home. So if you cannot reach us on the phone, just send us an email and we will write or call you back as soon as we can!

You can contact Clémentine for more information in case you have any additional concerns or questions:

Send an email: incoming@ibg-workcamps.org
Call: +49 711 649 02 63
Write via Messenger (Signal, Telegram & WhatsApp): +49 1520 2185131

Please note: Our team has been working almost entirely from home since mid-March. Therefore, you may not always be able to reach us by phone. Just send us an email with your question or your request and your telephone number - we will be happy to call you back.