14. December 2020

Where to volunteer in Germany this spring

Work with us in a medieval castle or in a small village near Bonn

The Covid-19 pandemic will still preoccupy us in 2021. But we are optimistic that we will be able to hold the first international workcamps in May with appropriate hygiene measures. The groups in these cases will be a little smaller than normally planned and there will be health briefings for all participants at the beginning of the respective project.

Work and live in the medieval Grimburg Castle

In mid-May we invite 8 volunteers to the Grimburg near Trier. The castle was built around 1190, destroyed and reconstructed several times. Today, volunteers from a local cultural heritage association look after the castle and organize a small festival there every year. Since this is a lot of work, they can use your help.


May 10-18, 2021

What does Grimburg castle need your support for?

Every spring, a group of international volunteers meets at the castle to support the renovation and festival work.

Continue the tradition, take part in this workcamp and ...

... support the Grimburg on May 13th: 500 to 1000 visitors come to the spring festival of the castle every year. Together with the local volunteers, you set up a tent and benches for visitors, sell food and drinks and do the dishes. Of course you will also celebrate together with all volunteers and visitors.
... work on the castle grounds: before and after the festival you cut bushes and grass, clean the stone walls, plant and remove weeds in the historic herb garden or clean the exhibition in the castle and witch museum. The tasks of the day depend on the weather.

Here you can register for the camp on the Grimburg.

Help the village of Oberzissen avoid floods

Three small streams lead through the village of Oberzissen. For many years they ran underground. In recent years the community has brought them over the earth so that they are again an important part of the village center. But they are still very straight, so that branches of trees and plants or rubbish easily block them. Join our group of volunteers and help clear branches, plants and trash from three streams in Oberzissen to avoid flooding.


May 19 - June 2, 2021

What does the church need your support for?

The village of Oberzissen is looking for volunteers to help clean up the three brooks in order to avoid flooding.

In this workcamp you will ...

... clear 300 meters of the stream of trees and plants that grow by the water.
... make the brooks safer: Under the guidance of a master painter, you clean, sand and paint the handrail next to the brooks. The streams are much lower than the road. So help us make sure no one, especially children, falls into the water.

Here you can register for the camp in Oberzissen.

Volunteer from home

Are you currently unable or unwilling to participate in a physical project? Together with our international partners, we have also been offering virtual camps since April 2020. In a virtual camp you work with other international volunteers on a charitable project or exchange ideas on a specific topic in an online workshop. You can also get to know ideas, experiences, music, recipes and much more from different countries, just like in a 'real workcamp'. Here you can find all information about virtual camps and the currently open projects.

Verena is happy to answer any questions you may have about workcamps in Germany:

Send an email: incoming@ibg-workcamps.org
Call: +49 711 649 02 63
Write via messenger (Signal, Telegram & WhatsApp): +49 1520 2185131