10. August 2021

Volunteer in Czech Republic this summer

Free places in international workcamps in Kozolupy and Adršpach

You don't have any plans for the summer yet and you feel like going on a spontaneous trip? Then discover our neighboring country Czech Republic and apply as a volunteer in a wokcamp! In Czech Republic we work together with our partner organization INEX-SDA. INEX-SDA's workcamps are located in different areas and are often supplemented by a study part.

Two projects this summer deal with life in rural regions and take place in cooperation with village communities. The two camps are open to all volunteers between the ages of 18 and 99:

"Summer in Kozolupy" (August 20 - September 6, 2021)

Kozolupy in the Czech region of North Pilsen may be small and rural, but it has one of the most dedicated and active local communities in the entire Czech Republic. Participation in the workcamp of our partner organization INEX-SDA and MAS Radbuza offers you many opportunities to experience the lively lifestyle and atmosphere in Kozolupy up close.

During the workcamp you will help the locals and the Kozolupy community to preserve some of the city's treasures, such as St. Stephen's Church or its rich orchard. Another highlight will definitely be dinner in a local restaurant. There you have the opportunity to try traditional Czech cuisine - of course also vegetarian and vegan.

Register here to volunteer in the workcamp in Kozolupy.

"Water for Our Land" (August 29 - September 12, 2021)

Adršpach with around 500 inhabitants is a very small town, but it is located in one of the most famous and beautiful national park areas in the Czech Republic, surrounded by the famous Adršpach-Tiplice rocks. In this workcamp you will help build water basins, work in the forest and support organic farms. You will have the opportunity to learn firsthand about organic farming, the ecosystem in the national park and the history of Adršpach.

The international workcamp is also a great opportunity for the local community to interact with you. So why not organize a regional / international food festival together with the locals? Since the new school year begins at the beginning of September, you also have the opportunity to meet local school children and prepare exciting activities to inform them about your regions of origin. After all, in this workcamp you will get to know the Julinka organization and be inspired by their work: How they are committed to civic engagement, volunteer work, ecology, tourism and the preservation of cultural heritage - maybe you would also like to get involved ?

Here you can register for the camp in Adršpach.

Covid-19: Current regulations in the Czech Republic

You can find the latest information on traveling to Czech Republic on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.

Your hosts have guidelines on how to deal with Covid-19 during your stay, and are prepared to comply with government guidelines and, if necessary, to isolate participants to protect against infection.

Read here what you should consider in order to travel safely this summer.

Lukas is at your disposal for all questions about the camp in the Czech Republic and other workcamps this summer:

Send an email: outgoing@ibg-workcamps.org
Write via Messenger (Signal, Telegram & WhatsApp): +49 1520 2185131

Coronavirus / Covid-19: Current exception regulations for placement in workcamps

Would you like to go to a workcamp, but are wondering whether and how the coronavirus pandemic will affect your travel planning? We have put together a few helpful links for you, under which you can find out about current travel conditions. We have also adapted our placement conditions for international work camps to the current circumstances. You can find the most important information about placement regulations 2021 here.