10. March 2021

IBG-Messenger-Weekend: Let's get active!

Discuss sustainability and volunteering with us.

With our work as an organisation we want to support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which address the economic, social and ecological challenges of our planet. We strive to implement sustainability in our daily work and in our workcamps. Especially in international groups, it is often very enriching to exchange ideas on the topic and to live and implement practical solutions to global problems together.

If you have already led a workcamp yourself, you have probably also noticed that it is not so easy as a group leader to consistently deal with sustainability in addition to all other tasks, concerns, ideas and leisure invitations. That is why we would like to develop concepts and ideas together with volunteers, camp leaders and experienced teamers: How can we convey the topic of sustainability even better in workcamps? How can new impulses arise from the exchange between international volunteers and the local population? How can we communicate better about international volunteering and workcamps and thus reach more people interested through voluntary work?

Bring your experience, your ideas and your knowledge.

Get involved with IBG beyond leading workcamps or teaming seminars and help shape the messenger weekend with us. The program is still open for your inputs and workshop suggestions. Simply contact our office team to actively participate in the conception and planning.


June 25-27, 2021


In the Mühle Bachprinz in Ober-Ramstadt (Hessia).

Who can participate?

Anyone who is or has been active with IBG, be it as a workcamp volunteer, group leader, team leader or in workshops and international trainings, can join the weekend.


There is no registration fee. We can reimburse you for 33% of your travel expenses (max. 50 €).

Register now!

You can register here for the Messenger Weekend. If you have any questions or suggestions, send us an email to info@ibg-workcamps.org.

Please note: This event may be canceled or postponed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We therefore ask you not to buy tickets until you have received definitive confirmation from us that the weekend will take place. Or, best of all, choose a ticket option that is easy to reimburse or postpone.