15. March 2023

Erasmus+ Training in Germany: How to make my Workcamp inclusive

International Workcamps and other volunteering projects should be open to all young people, regardless of nationality, gender, sexual orientation, cultural or social background, income, education, religion and other beliefs, physical and health conditions or limitations.

We are convinced that diversity in all these aspects makes our Workcamps better. That's why we've been working for years to improve access, support volunteers with support needs and break down barriers. To create a truly inclusive experience for all, we rely on our camp leaders to work with and coordinate with each group. That's why we organize the training "How to make my Workcamp inclusive - Diversity and personal support of volunteers in Workcamps" to prepare our camp leaders with advice, tips and tools.


August 24-28, 2023


The training takes place in the youth training center Haus Südmähren on the outskirts of Stuttgart.

What is this training about?

With the training we want to...

  •      ...discuss the relevance of inclusion in international Workcamps and prepare camp leaders for possible challenges and new situations.

  •      ...provide the trainers of camp leaders with tools and methods for preparation with which they can work on the topic of inclusion in Workcamps.




The participation fee is 50€, accommodation and meals are included.

This training is funded by Erasmus+, so your travel expenses can be reimbursed up to a certain amount.

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Sina is happy to answer any questions you may have about the training:

Email: projekte@ibg-workcamps.org
Telephone: +49 711 649 02 63