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Environmental projects, sport and health, communication or artistic / creative ideas. There are numerous ways you can volunteer from home and get to know volunteers from around the world in online projects.
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Coronavirus / Covid-19: Info regarding workcamps in Germany
You are going to participate in a workcamp in Germany, but are wondering whether and how the spread of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 may affect your travel planning? We have summarized the most important information for you here ...
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Our volunteers' experience
You would like to know what other volunteers have experienced in voluntary work projects in Germany and abroad? Here you can find reviews of different work camps.
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Travel grants available!
Application for summer work camps is open from now. Apply now to be part of one of more than 1000 projects this summer!
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Become a group leader
You like working in groups and maybe you have already participated in one or more workcamps? Take the next step and become a group leader for an international work camp in Germany!
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Center for All Summer Camp (Czech Republic)
Center for All Summer Camp (Czech Republic)
Svenja spend two weeks in the small village in Jizbice in the Czech Republic in August. The 'Center for All' in Jibice is a center that organizes leisure activities and summer camps for children and young people in a reconstructed barn with a large garden. The task of the volunteers at the workcamp was to support the 'Center for All' in the preparation and implementation of an...
Virtual Camp: 100 Years Of Workcamps
Virtual Camp: 100 Years Of Workcamps
If you already have a lot of experience with workcamps and would like to be involved in a special project for the 100th anniversary of the workcamp movement, then this virtual camp is for you. In a group of around 10 people we will discuss how workcamps have influenced individuals and local communities and what the future of workcamps could look like. We will also discuss the global...
Learning Languages In International Groups: Experience With Virtual Camps
Learning Languages In International Groups: Experience With Virtual Camps
This year, Anna took part in several virtual workcamps. These virtual camps took place over Zoom and focused on improving the language skills of the participants. 2 camps had the aim of improving the English of the participants, whilst the other camps introduced International Sign Language to the participants. Adam has just started his long term volunteering via the European Solidarity...
Help Preserve Historical Architecture And Nature
Help Preserve Historical Architecture And Nature
Volunteer in a community renovation project in a Bavarian village The municipality of Haunsheim is more than happy to host its first international workcamp. There are several tasks which you can help fulfill and the local community is ready to welcome you with open arms and is keen to learn about your different cultures. When? 27/09 - 10/10/2020 What do we need your support for here?...
Let's Collect Intercultural Children's Stories
Let's Collect Intercultural Children's Stories
In this virtual project we want to create an intercultural children's book together. It should contain “typical” children's stories from the different cultures of the volunteers. The stories should be linked to the values ​​of IBG and international volunteer services such as sustainability, inclusion, equality, respect and openness. The stories appear in both the volunteer's original...

International Workcamps

For me, it was very impressive to see how quickly we grew together as a group. And then, swimming together in the lake at night and sleeping by the campfire brought us even closer.

Participant in a Workcamp in Canada

What is an international workcamp? In an international workcamp, young people from all over the world come together to work on a voluntary project for 2 to 3 weeks. Various projects in the areas of nature conservation and environmental protection, construction and renovation, archaeological, social or artistic fields offer a wide variety of possible work.

The working time is usually about 30 hours per week. Depending on the project, the group consists of 6 to 20 volunteers of different nationalities. The camp language is usually English, but sometimes also French, Spanish or any other language.

More information on registration, participation and preparation can be found here.

Current info regarding the application

Since it is currently difficult to assess whether and how the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 will affect the summer and autumn travel planning of volunteers, the following applies until further notice:

  • For all volunteers who apply with IBG to be sent to workcamps this summer and autumn, we can refund the full placement fee if you cancel before the start of the camp.
  • Workcamps can be canceled at short notice, so please do not book your tickets until you have received confirmation that your camp is taking place. You can find more information here.

Find your workcamp

Each year, we organize about 40 international workcamps in Germany that you can join as a volunteer. To apply for one, just contact our partner organisation in your country. If there is no workcamp organisation in your country, just get in touch with us and send us an email, so you can apply directly with us.

Volunteers living in Germany can look for and apply directly for their workcamp here: