Volunteer in Germany
Nature conservation in the Black Forest, building playgrounds or supporting festivals and children's camps - volunteering in Germany is a great opportunity to discover the country together with international volunteers.
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Be part of the change - join a virtual camp!
Environmental projects, sport and health, communication or artistic / creative ideas. There are numerous ways you can volunteer from home and get to know volunteers from around the world in online projects.
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Coronavirus / Covid-19: Info regarding workcamps in Germany
You are going to participate in a workcamp in Germany, but are wondering whether and how the spread of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 may affect your travel planning? We have summarized the most important information for you here ...
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Our volunteers' experience
You would like to know what other volunteers have experienced in voluntary work projects in Germany and abroad? Here you can find reviews of different work camps.
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Become a group leader
You like working in groups and maybe you have already participated in one or more workcamps? Take the next step and become a group leader for an international work camp in Germany!
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Join a Volunteering Team in Bergheim
Join a Volunteering Team in Bergheim
Would you like to get involved in an international group, but you are not sure whether and how you can best finance it? Then you should take a closer look at the volunteering teams that exist within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps. Volunteers receive travel expenses and a small amount of pocket money for their work in a volunteering team. There are a few bureaucratic...
Season Start For International Workcamps 2021
Season Start For International Workcamps 2021
Engagiere dich auch dieses Jahr international Auch wenn die Pandemie Reisen ins Ausland noch immer nur sehr bedingt erlaubt, möchten wir dir auch dieses Jahr internationales Engagement ermöglichen und vermitteln weiterhin Plätze in Workcamps in Deutschland und Europa, soweit diese stattfinden können. Dabei laden wir allerdings alle Freiwilligen dazu ein, dieses Jahr auf weite Reisen zu...
Support Our Work With A Workcamp Voucher
Support Our Work With A Workcamp Voucher
Even after a year of the pandemic, it is still difficult to predict what 2021 will look like for IBG. For us as a workcamp organisation, the last year including travel restrictions and contact restrictions meant that our volunteers could hardly travel to projects abroad. Placements in projects abroad have decreased by over 75%.We were able to organise only 6 workcamps in Germany instead...
International Workcamps: History Of A Peace Movement
International Workcamps: History Of A Peace Movement
In autumn 1920, the Swiss pacifist Pierre Cérésole organized the first international workcamp together with like-minded young people. The aim of the group was to help rebuild the village of Esnes, near Verdun, which was destroyed in the First World War. Volunteers from France, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland pitched in together - a commitment that was not only welcomed,...
Where to volunteer in Germany this spring
Where to volunteer in Germany this spring
Work with us in a medieval castle or in a small village near Bonn The Covid-19 pandemic will still preoccupy us in 2021. But we are optimistic that we will be able to hold the first international workcamps in May with appropriate hygiene measures. The groups in these cases will be a little smaller than normally planned and there will be health briefings for all participants at the...

International Workcamps

In my workcamp, I noticed how many possibilities there are to communicate even if you don't speak the same language.

Participant in a Workcamp in France

What is an international workcamp? In an international workcamp, young people from all over the world come together to work on a voluntary project for 2 to 3 weeks. Various projects in the areas of nature conservation and environmental protection, construction and renovation, archaeological, social or artistic fields offer a wide variety of possible work.

The working time is usually about 30 hours per week. Depending on the project, the group consists of 6 to 20 volunteers of different nationalities. The camp language is usually English, but sometimes also French, Spanish or any other language.

More information on registration, participation and preparation can be found here.

We want to make it possible for you to volunteer in 2021 and will continue to offer places in workcamps in Germany and Europe, as far as those can take place. For the time being, we have removed projects outside of these countries from our database due to unrealistic travel prospects. You can still get involved in various virtual camps worldwide, however.

Please stay in contact with us when planning your trip, and travel with consideration for your own health and safety as well as that of your fellow human beings.

For all workcamps in Germany and abroad, we can reimburse you the full placement fee if you cancel before the start of the project. Since the organizers can also cancel projects at short notice, please do not book your tickets until you have received the final confirmation for your camp.

Find your workcamp now

Each year, we organize about 40 international workcamps in Germany that you can join as a volunteer. To apply for one, just contact our partner organisation in your country. If there is no workcamp organisation in your country, just get in touch with us and send us an email, so you can apply directly with us.

Volunteers living in Germany can look for and apply directly for their workcamp here: