27. Januar 2020


Lasse die Geschichte neu aufleben, indem du dabei hilfst, einen historischen Keltenbau zu errichten!


14.07 - 29.07.2020


12 Freiwillige inkl. Campleitung (WICHTIG: Als Campleitung ist ein Führerschein hier von Vorteil!)


The town of Bopfingen invites an international workcamp for the fourth time this year! A couple years back, researchers found archaeological evidence from the Celtic people that used to live here thousands of years ago in the Iron Age. The town’s project for the next years is to rebuild some of the houses in Celtic style to show tourists how the Celts may have lived in this area.


So far, four workcamp groups and volunteers of the community of Bopfingen already started building the main house of the Celtic housing complex. Your task will be to further work on the walls and the floor of the house. The working place is set on the top of the hill “Ipf”, so you will be working outside with a wonderful view over the region. All the material you work with is natural materials like clay, wood, and stone.


You will be staying at the local sport club’s house equipped with all necessary facilities, a big living room and a kitchen which you can use to cook. There are large sports areas and a football pitch outside that you can use in your free time, of course. The house is in a quiet area, but very close to the town’s center with several supermarkets close-by.


Bopfingen is a small town in southern Germany. It has a beautiful centre with a lot of houses in old German style. What makes Bopfingen special is the mountain next to the town which is called “Ipf” with its flat plateau on the top. The “Ipf” has an important historical meaning in this area. In former times the Celts lived there and until today a lot of archaeologists and historians come to explore the region. It is surrounded by beautiful nature where you can go for a walk or hike. Around Bopfingen you will find various museums, the romantic historic city of Noerdlingen, the Ries (a large circular meteor impact crater with a diameter of 24 km), and if you would like to visit a bigger city Ulm is not far away with its famous cathedral and the highest church tower in the world.

Melde dich hier an, wenn du die Campleitung für dieses Workcamp übernehmen möchtet. Wenn du Fragen zum Projekt oder deinen Aufgaben als Campleitung hast, melde dich einfach bei uns.