04. Februar 2020


Einen Wasserspielplatz renovieren und alles für das Bierfest bereit machen!




12 Freiwillige inkl. Campleitung (WICHTIG: Als Campleitung solltest du einen Führerschein besitzen!)


Rainau is a small community which consists of five different villages. This summer’s event, the “summer beer garden at the lake” will be an enrichment for you and for the locals. Here, the local associations celebrate together the summer. The event includes also a festival of lights and will be a good opportunity to meet locals and get to know the community. By participating in this project, you are supporting a sustainable community life (UN SDG 11 sustainable communities).


This year, the small community of Rainau invites international volunteers for the second time to support with improving the local infrastructure and to enrich the village festival on August 7th to 9th. Help the local community renovate a playground and support the organisation of the summer beer garden at the lake: During the first days of the workcamp, you will support the preparation and organisation of the summer beer garden, a local event which will take place for the second time. You will set up benches, tables and small wooden huts and support the local volunteers in cleaning the festival area. The event is a perfect possibility to meet local people. After that, the main task of the workcamp will be to renovate and enlargen a playground for children. That might include setting up new playing tools, maintaining a wooden fence and spreading wood chips on the ground for security. Some other smaller tasks in the community (manual maintenance work in public green areas or other playgrounds) might be added.


The accommodation is in the building of a sportshall where you can also find a room offered to the local associations to meet. For the period of the workcamp this room will be yours. In the building, there is also a small kitchen, toilets and showers. Next door to the accommodation, there is a sports field that and a big outdoor area you can use. There is no WiFi in the accommodation. Please bring your own sleeping bag!


The workcamp will take place in Rainau, a community of five different villages in Southern Germany. A nice lake, the “Bucher Stausee”, is only 2km from the accommodation. The lake is a big leisure area – here you can swim, rent a rowing boat, play beach volleyball, go sailing or fishing and you also find barbecue areas and much more. A second small lake is a protected nature area where you can do bird watching or might see a beaver or other animals. Apart from this, you will find many sights from the Roman period like the Roman Limes (a rampart more than 500km long) here. So you can visit an old Roman watch tower or the ruins of a Roman bath. The area is perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities, excursions to nice small cities around are possible too. And of course the villagers are already waiting for you. 

Melde dich hier an, wenn du die Campleitung für dieses Workcamp übernehmen möchtet. Wenn du Fragen zum Projekt oder deinen Aufgaben als Campleitung hast, melde dich einfach bei uns.