17. Februar 2020


Hilf dabei eine Wiese zu Weideland umzuwandeln!




12 Freiwillige inkl.  Campleitung (WICHTIG: Als Campleitung solltest du einen Führerschein besitzen!)


Your hosts have already been involved in a workcamp many years ago and are now very happy to finally host a workcamp in their village again. They will be cooperating with a regional landscape developement association, which has already been co-coordinating our workcamps in nearby Lauterbach and Schiltach. With their combined experience, they will lead you through a variety of outdoor tasks.

This project is great for anyone with an interest in landscape development, nature preservation and habitat management. By participating in this workcamp, you are actively supporting biodiversity (UN SDG 15 Life on Land) and combatting climate change (SDG 13 Climate Action).


In this workcamp, your main tasks will be to repair a meadow that has been destroyed by boars. Because of the many holes in the ground, the field currently cannot be used as a pasture anymore. The meadow is situated on a very steep slope right next to where you will be sleeping. You will also need to remove eagle fern, a tall plant that is poisonous to animals and that doesn’t allow sufficient space for other plants, herbs and small new trees. Another tasks will be the maintenance of water ditches. Be prepared for a variety of outdoor tasks relating to habitat management.


You will be accommodated in a group vacation home right next to your work site. The house is a bit outside of the village and oversees the beautiful valley where you will be working. A supermarket and a bakery can be reached by foot and local farmers sell their products in the village. Inside the house, you will have a kitchen and sanitary facilities (including showers). For sleeping, there will be some beds and some mattresses. Please bring your own sleeping bag!


Aichhalden is situated in the Black Forest at 700m and surrounded by beautiful nature. It is a great location for long walks, hikes or even bike trips. The village itself is relatively small with 4.000 inhabitants, but in your free time you can go on trips, for example to the nearby university town Freiburg, across the border to Strasbourg or to other sights and activities inside the Black Forest.

Melde dich hier an, wenn du die Campleitung für dieses Workcamp übernehmen möchtet. Wenn du Fragen zum Projekt oder deinen Aufgaben als Campleitung hast, melde dich einfach bei uns.