17. Februar 2020

Züsch & Neuhütten

Dorf-Flair und Arbeiten mitten zwischen Kulturdenkmälern und Natur!




12 Freiwillige inkl.  Campleitung


Züsch and Neuhütten are two villages in the Hochwald ("High forest") and are located in and around the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park. For the first time they invite international volunteers to improve the local infrastructure and make the villages even more attractive. You will work together with local volunteers to implement a variety of smaller projects to beautify the schoolyard and a community centre, maintain and re-signpost paths, make the local cultural heritage more accessible like a hammer mill and much more. Since the two villages and your accommodation are surrounded by unique protected nature, the projects are particularly suitable for nature lovers and discoverers. But also the inhabitants of Züsch and Neuhütten are looking forward to meeting you. By participating in this project, you are supporting the sustainable development of these two villages (UN SDG 11 sustainable communities).


Citizens of both villages have met and gathered a great variety of different project ideas, which they would like to realize together with you.  Concrete projects are: 1. creation of a small nibbling and herb garden at the kindergarten with a raised bed; 2. maintenance and signposting of hiking trails and, connected to this, of benches and resting areas; 3. creation of wild flowering beds along hiking trails; 4. artistic design of a wall in the community centre; 5. embellishment of the schoolyard and maintenance of the playgrounds; 6. improvement of access to the cultural monument Züscher Hammer Mill; 7. construction of a staircase from the lake to a refuge.

It will depend on the weather and other factors which projects will be implemented first. Every day the group will be divided into two or three teams. The great variety of tasks ensures that it will never be boring and that you can be proud of the amount of work done in the end.


The group will be staying in the community centre of Muhl, a tiny village with 150 inhabitants inside the National Park and surrounded by pure nature. The town house is newly renovated and offers a good kitchen, sanitary facilities and showers, space to eat and sleep. Mats are provided; please bring your own sleeping bag. The direct surroundings of the house offer the possibility to stay outside when the weather is fine. The building also houses a service station of the National Park. Regular events take place here or in the neighbouring church.


Züsch and Neuhütten are villages with 600 and 800 inhabitants and are very close together. They have some pubs, but no supermarket. The next bigger village (Hermeskeil) is 6km away, here you can find everything you need (shops, swimming pool…). There are also many tourists in the area as it is well known for hiking all over the year and for skiing in winter. A nice lake is nearby. The next bigger city it Trier (45 km), the oldest Germany city with many Roman sights, a huge cathedral and plenty of things to do (vineyard, shopping, clubs…).  In the villages and the direct surrounding, you find a lot of interesting opportunities for activities and sights. Activities together with the locals will be organized. We will do our best to arrange some excursions, but due to the poor local transport, the number will be limited.

Melde dich hier an, wenn du die Campleitung für dieses Workcamp übernehmen möchtet. Wenn du Fragen zum Projekt oder deinen Aufgaben als Campleitung hast, melde dich einfach bei uns.