19. Februar 2020


Start-Hilfe gesucht vom 17.07. bis etwa 22.07.
Unterstütze das Projekt indem du bei der Eingliederung der internationalen Freiwilligen in das Team der lokalen Betreuer*innen hilfst.
Vorherige Campleitungs-Erfahrung wichtig!


18.07.-08.08.2020 (Deine Anwesenheit ist vor allem zu Beginn wichtig!)


6 Freiwillige inkl. einer Campleitung


18-30 Jahre


Woanders e.V. is a non-profit organization which wants to reach people of all ages, support cross-generational interaction and contact between people from different areas of life. Their work intends to reduce fear of contact and support tolerance and curiosity for other people, by strengthening the the team-spirit “We”. Each summer for a full month, they organize a camping village full of activities for different age groups: They start with two weeks of kids-program, followed by a week of camping for teenagers (12-15 years old) and then a week of family camp. You can find the camp village schedule here: https://www.woanders.org/en-gb/zeltstadt#Projekte The participants usually stay there for a full week, most of them will stay overnight in tents and have their meals there as well. It is a project aimed mostly towards children and teens with fewer opportunities but open to people from all backgrounds. Priority is given to participants from nearby communities. By volunteering in this project, you are contributing to a sustainable and inclusive community (UN SDG 11 sustainable communities).


3 weeks of different activities await you while you assist a youth and family summer camp near Cologne! For the first two weeks, you will support the local team with the running of the camping village: This involves helping with different types of workshop, where the participants can try out different types of sport, do arts and crafting or simply play games. You are also going to help “backstage” by going grocery shopping or cleaning. Another one of your tasks will be night duty: Since the participants are under-age, someone always needs to stay awake. Don’t worry, you won’t need to stay up the whole night and you won’t need to do it alone. It can easily turn into a nice long campfire-evening with friends. It is very important to the local team, that you feel and become part of one big group of teamers. The third week, all the camp village participants will leave and you and the local teamers will take everything down and store things away for the next year. That part of the work might be quite physical, but at the same time this week is supposed to give you and the local teamers time to spend together and eventually to say goodbye.


You will sleep in big group tents on the camp village site. Camp beds will be provided, but please bring your own sleeping bag! There are showers and sanitary facilities available, but the accommodation itself is basic. There will be no need for cooking since you will be eating together with the local team and the participants, so everything will be provided.


The camp village is situated on a meadow surrounded by trees a bit outside of the town of Bergheim. In Bergheim you can find different shops and cafés, and Bergheim itself is only 20km away from Cologne. On your days off you can therefore visit Cologne, which is the fourth most populous city of Germany and famous for its cathedral and the Roman-Germanic museum. You can also go on trips to other nearby towns, for example to Bonn.

Melde dich hier an, wenn du die Campleitung für dieses Workcamp übernehmen möchtet. Wenn du Fragen zum Projekt oder deinen Aufgaben als Campleitung hast, melde dich einfach bei uns.