21. Februar 2020

4Motoren Jugendcamp Tettnang

Hilf beim Aufbau eines mobilen Jugendcafe's und fördere die Inklusion!




14 Freiwillige inkl. einer Campleitung


16-25 Jahre


The German State Baden-Wurttemberg has a special partnership with the regions of Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes, Catalonia and Lombardy called the “Four motors for Europe”. Every year IBG is asked to organise a special workcamp to invite young volunteers from these partner regions to Baden-Wurttemberg. This year the workcamp will take place in the beautiful city of Tettnang, close to Lake Constanze. The main aim of the workcamp is to support local youth work by constructing a mobile youth café from an old construction trailer (similar to a circus wagon). The inclusion of young locals with learning difficulties is a second important topic of the project. In parts you will work together with them and you will be hosted in their special school. You will also join activities of local youth clubs. By participating in this workcamp, you are actively supporting inclusive education (UN SDG 4 Quality education).


For the construction of the mobile youth café you will start with a metal construction wagon and cover it with wooden planks. The inside should also be furnished at least in parts and the outside part will be painted to give it an appealing look. Volunteers of the local repair café will guide you in the working tasks. Usually they help people to fix things that are broken instead of throwing them away in order to increase sustainability. Parts of the work will be done together with students of a special school for youngsters with learning difficulties. They might be a bit younger than you. The construction site will be located on the school grounds. The cooperation with the young students is an essential part of the project and you should be open for it. On some days you will also be involved in activities of the local youth centre, which is doing a tour during these two weeks. They offer activities for young people every day at a different place in the city or in one of the suburbs. For that they are using a mobile youth café very similar to the one which you will be building.


You will stay in the school. In one part of the school you have your rooms for eating and sleeping, a kitchen, toilets and showers are provided. Mats are provided. The facilities are quite basic.


Tettnang is a very nice city with approx. 20.000 inhabitants only 10km from the Lake Constance. It has a beautiful historic inner city, a castle and many more sights. You have plenty of shops, pubs, a cinema, swimming pool, leisure areas… Many parties and local events will take place in July. You have a nice view on the Swiss Alps on the other side of Lake Constance. For sure you will make an excursion to Friedrichshafen to enjoy the lake. But the main focus of the project is the exchange with local young people, so most of the time the activities will take place in Tettnang itself.

Melde dich hier an, wenn du die Campleitung für dieses Workcamp übernehmen möchtet. Wenn du Fragen zum Projekt oder deinen Aufgaben als Campleitung hast, melde dich einfach bei uns.