Learn how to lead international groups

You want to lead an international workcamp for the first time? Then come to our international camp leaders training! You can participate if you are at least 18 years old and consider leading a group of international volunteers. Of course, the participation does not oblige you to lead a workcamp afterwards; you can also use the training to get a taste of the workcamp world and meet other volunteers.

Online Group Leaders' Trainings

In 2021, we are offering online trainings for (future) group leaders. The online training consists of various modules that you can work on independently at your own pace. In addition, there are digital live training sessions in which you can apply, try out and discuss the content directly in the group.

The first round of online training 2021 took place from mid-June to the end of July. In October / November 2021 we will start a second round with you. Would you like to register for it? You can find the registration form here.

On-Site Trainings

In 2022, we will also offer two on-site training courses (if the pandemic permits):

  • May 13th-15th, 2022 in the Jugendhaus Fornsbach (near Stuttgart), training in German
  • June 14th-19th, 2022 in the Jugendbildungswerkstatt Kell am See (near Trier), training in English

You can already register for a 2022 training here.

Practical tasks, useful lectures, sharing experiences and spending the time for preparation: The training for me was a great opportunity to work with great teamers and get to know a lot of amazing people, who have the same goals in life - to make the world a bit better.

Participant of the online training for camp leaders 2020


Essentially, the trainings deal with the question: How do I manage a group? We will work on group processes, the dealing with conflicts and your individual leadership style. The trainings are intended primarily for aspiring work camp leaders. However, everything you learn here will also help you outside of the work camp world, of course, for example when working with youth groups. There will be a unit on intercultural learning (after all, our work camps are international) and lots of practical tips and tricks for organizing and dealing with larger groups. At the trainings, you will meet other dedicated volunteers who also want to lead work camps, as well as the people behind IBG. Experienced teamers will give you insights into 'their' work camps and tell you how they have mastered challenges or conflicts.


You can participate if you speak basic English and are at least 18 years old.

Participation in the online training is free of charge . The participation fee for on-site training is 50 € . This of course includes accommodation and food. If you lead a workcamp for IBG in the same year, you will get this fee back. We can reimburse 50% (max. 50 €) of your travel expenses to the training site.

Regardless of whether you lead a camp afterwards or not, we will be happy to issue you a confirmation of participation .

Apply now

You can now register directly for our trainings via this online registration form .

Interested in taking part in a training but you have some questions? Regardless of whether training is online or offline, just send us an email for more information.