...peacing the world together!
Get involved in voluntary projects in over 40 countries, meet volunteers from all over the world, improve your foreign language skills and broaden your horizon! Under the motto '... peacing the world together', our association intends to contribute to peace and international understanding through international voluntary services since its foundation in 1965.
Join Us!
Anyone who wants to work for a non-profit purpose for 2 to 3 weeks can join an international work camp. Our placement fee for work camps in Germany is € 75 and € 150 for camps abroad. You cover travel expenses yourself, accommodation and meals are provided.
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Access for All
Our work camps are open for all, regardless of origin, gender, cultural and social background, economic position, education, religion and beliefs, physical and health conditions, and/or other restrictions.
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Practice sustainability
In our volunteering projects we promote sustainability and support its practical implementation in everyday life.
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Work Camps

In a work camp, young people from all over the world come together to volunteer for a non-profit project for 2 to 3 weeks. Various projects in the fields of nature and environmental protection, construction and renovation, archeology and in the social or artistic area offer a variety of possibilities.

Long Term Volunteering

We also send volunteers to medium- and long-term voluntary services. These are projects that are not offered as "regular" voluntary services (such as Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr, European Voluntary Service, Internationaler Jugendfreiwilligendienst or weltwärts).


You are looking for further experience in international volunteering? We have places in international trainings, seminars and further education in Germany and abroad every year. In most cases English is the working language and often travel expenses are funded under the ERASMUS + funding program.


Kurzpraktikum bei IBG
Kurzpraktikum bei IBG
Unterstütze uns im September 2018 bei verschiedenen Veranstaltungen und im Büro von IBG und lerne dabei die Welt der internationalen Freiwilligenarbeit kennen. Schnupperpraktikum Internationale...
From the 1st to the 6th of March, we will meet with our partners from around the world at the Technical Meeting of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations in Brno (Czech Republic) to...


07. - 10. September 2018 Alliance Joint Meeting 2018 | Brüssel
17. - 20. September 2018 We DO It NOW Final Event | Stuttgart
28. - 30. September 2018 IBG Volunteers' Weekend 2018 | Harthausen
27. Oktober - 01. November 2018 Alliance General Conference | Altea
31. Oktober - 04. November 2018 Alliance General Assembly | Altea
23. - 25. November 2018 IBG Projektwerkstatt | Winterbach
25. November 2018 IBG Mitgliederversammlung | Winterbach