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Be part of the change - join a virtual camp!
Environmental projects, sport and health, communication or artistic / creative ideas. There are numerous ways you can volunteer from home and get to know volunteers from around the world in online projects.
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Coronavirus / Covid-19: Info regarding workcamps in Germany
You are going to participate in a workcamp in Germany, but are wondering whether and how the spread of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 may affect your travel planning? We have summarized the most important information for you here ...
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Celebrating 100 Years
Have you ever wondered when international workcamps started? The idea goes back to the engineer and pacifist Pierre Cérésole, who organized the very first international project with volunteers from France, Switzerland, England and Germany in 1920 just outside Verdun.
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Our volunteers' experience
You would like to know what other volunteers have experienced in voluntary work projects in Germany and abroad? Here you can find reviews of different work camps.
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Access for All
Participation in our volunteering projects should be open to any young person. We are therefore committed to overcoming obstacles and making access to international workcamps as easy as possible.
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Equal rights. Equal opportunites.
Our workcamps are open for all, regardless of origin, gender, sexual identity, cultural and social background, economic position, education, religion and beliefs, physical and health conditions, and/or other restrictions.
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Practice sustainability
In our volunteering projects we promote sustainability and support its practical implementation in everyday life.
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In a workcamp, young people from all over the world come together to volunteer for a non-profit project for 2 to 3 weeks. Various projects in the fields of nature and environmental protection, construction and renovation, archeology and in the social or artistic area offer a variety of possibilities.


Long Term Volunteering

We also send volunteers to medium- and long-term voluntary services. These are projects that are not offered as "regular" voluntary services (such as Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr, European Voluntary Service, Internationaler Jugendfreiwilligendienst or weltwärts).



You are looking for further experience in international volunteering? We have places in international trainings, seminars and further education in Germany and abroad every year. In most cases English is the working language and often travel expenses are funded under the ERASMUS + funding program.



Conference "Internationale Workcamps: Impulsgeber und Entwicklungsfeld für Kommunen und junge Menschen"
Im Dezember 2020 organisiert IBG einen Fachtag aus Anlass des 100-jährigen Jubiläums internationaler Workcamps. Internationale Workcamps und Freiwilligenteams sind mehr als über die Grenze zu schauen...
Digitalisation in IVS: Developing Virtual Projects
Digitalisation in IVS: Developing Virtual Projects
Erasmus + project 'ProPaD - Progress on the Path of Digitalisation' As a voluntary service organization, we are facing various challenges that were exacerbated this year by the Covid-19 pandemic....
Paper Cranes for Peace
Paper Cranes for Peace
Make a mark with us on International Day of Peace! September 21st is the International Day of Peace. Together with the partner organizations in our international network CCIVS, we call on all of you...


09. - 11. Oktober 2020: IBG Volunteers' Weekend | Neu-Anspach
25. - 28. November 2020: "100 years of workcamps - Peace and Solidarity for the Future" Konferenz | Berlin
04. Dezember 2020: Fachtag "Internationale Workcamps: Impulsgeber und Entwicklungsfeld für Kommunen und junge Menschen" | Stuttgart
04. - 06. Dezember 2020: "IBG feiert 100 Jahre Workcamps" - Jubiläumswochenende mit allen Freiwilligen | Stuttgart