Celebrating 100 Years of Workcamps

It's time to celebrate!


Did you ever wonder where workcamps come from from and since when they exist? The idea goes back to the engineer and pacifist Pierre Cérésole who, in 1920, organised the very first international project on the doorsteps of Verdun with volunteers from France, Switzerland, England and Germany. With the first World War having ended only a couple of months before, this idea and effort can be considered a brave step towards reconciliation and reconstruction at that time. And still today, workcamps carry those roots in their spirit. They are a very special tool to work towards mutual understanding, peace and solidarity beyond borders.

100 years – that is 10 decades marked by very different political, societal and economic developments and changes, technical evolution, fears and opportunities, new peace treaties and new wars over the globe. 100 years of workcamps also means 100 years of bringing together people from all over the world and with different backgrounds. It means enabling exchange and dialogue, affecting volunters from abroad and those of the local project place, creating friendships and even families. 100 years of workcamps means millions of individual stories of discovering, understanding and learning, and of dedicating one's free time to work together on making the world a little bit better.

What do workcamps mean to you?

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No workcamp could take place without motivated volunteers, engaged campleaders and trainers, dedicated local hosts, and many more involved in making this hapen. That’s why we want to celebrate this anniversary together with all those indispensable persons and in diverse ways:

Stories of volunteering

Let’s have a closer look: What motivated people in different decades to join or host a workcamp? What impact did the volunteering experience have on their life back then and (maybe) till today? What memories are connected to their workcamp experience? Our collected stories of volunteering will give an insight in some of the million single stories through the season. If you belong to those with a workcamps story to share with the rest of the world let us know!

Anniversary Year Workcamps

How does it feel to be part of the 100th anniversary year? Those who want to know should definitely join a workcamp in 2020 as we will for sure have a lot of anniversary parties in this year’s running workcamps. Cakes, candles, music and other creative ways of celebrating will be shared throughout the season on social media in pictures under the hashtag #100YearsofWorkcamps

The 100th Challenge

To make it even more fun we will last but not least challenge you! Grab some friends, colleagues (or even strangers in the street) and be ready to join the 100th Challenge that will be launched soon! The more the better to make workcamps known around neighbourhoods, cities, countries… and the globe!