Do your project internships with IBG

IBG offers project internships with different focuses every summer. If you would like to have the internship credited as part of your studies, we will be happy to adapt it to the needs of your study regulations if possible.

Supporting us as a volunteer is possible to varying degrees at IBG. This means you can bring in your own ideas and implement them together with project coordinators of IBG - whether in connection with a bachelor's or master's thesis or otherwise.

Modules 2024

The project internship consists of 3 basic modules and some optional modules:

1. Training for group leaders:

To prepare for your tasks, you will take part in one of our training courses for group leaders. In 2024 we are organizing two training courses, each with different focuses: “Group Leading in environmental projects” from October 18th to 23rd. May 2024 in Kell am See (near Trier) and “Gruppenleitung in internationalen Camps” from May 30th to June 2nd, 2024 in Fornsbach (near Stuttgart).

2. Leading one or two international Workcamps:

You will take over the leadership of one or two international camps in Germany. 16 to 23 days of continuous presence are required per project. In addition, there is organizational preparation together with the co-leader and agreements with the local partner.

3. Evaluation seminar from October 3rd to 6th, 2024 near Speyer:

At our Volunteers' Weekend in October, you reflect on your experiences, educational alternatives and analyze the skills you have gained together with other group leaders and volunteers.

Optionally additionally possible:

  • Environmental Education/Global Learning: Design a workshop and conduct it in one or more IBG projects (Workcamps/seminars) of your choice.
  • (Project-related) public relations work: Organize an information session about your camp in your university, vocational school, club, etc., write a blog or present the project in another form.
  • Intern at the IBG office in Stuttgart (period and length depending on the availability of the IBG office team).
  • Bring in your own ideas and implement them with the support of the IBG team.

Focus on nature conservation / ecology

Would you like to combine ecological knowledge with aspects of international cooperation and project management activities?

Under the motto “Let's take action for climate protection”, we will be carrying out a particularly large number of nature conservation projects in 2024, e.g. rewetting of hillside moors in the Hunsrück, capercaillie project in the Bavarian Forest, maintaining a nature discovery trail, etc. Local cooperation will be found with National - and nature parks, biosphere reserves, landscape conservation associations, forests or individual municipalities.

As part of these projects, IBG is offering international project internships in the field of nature conservation/ecology (240 - 480 hours) in the summer of 2024.

Focus on international youth work

Would you like to translate theoretical pedagogical knowledge into practical action and test methods of non-formal youth education?

At international Workcamps, young people from all over the world live together for two to three weeks and implement non-profit work projects together with a local partner (youth facility, municipality, an association, etc.). This combination of international encounters and shared commitment is part of non-formal learning and educational processes. In addition to the international volunteers, the target group is also the local population in the project locations.

As part of these projects, IBG is offering project internships in the area of international youth work (240 - 480 hours) in the summer of 2024.

Cost & Reimbursement

Basic accommodation and meals are provided for the seminars and the work camp.

IBG offers an expense allowance for leading each camp (400 euros for two-week camps/500 euros for three-week camps).

Apply now!

Send us your informal application now (with CV) or contact us for more information about your project internship with IBG:

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