European Solidarity Corps (ESC)
We recommend long term volunteering projects in particular to all volunteers who already have experience in international volunteering.
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Voluntary service in Wales & Germany (1.5 months)
Voluntary service in Wales & Germany (1.5 months)
The Danish Højboskolen is a public school for primary and lower secondary education in Hørning, a small town with about 7300 inhabitants on the outskirts of Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. The school has 530 students aged 6 to 16 – from pre-school to 9th grade. From mid-August 2023 to early July 2024, Højboskolen is looking for 4 volunteers from different countries who want...
Internship in Great Britain (2 months)
Internship in Great Britain (2 months)
Our colleagues from Concordia UK are looking for volunteers who want to help out at the Green & Away Festival in Worcestershire, England, for 2 months. Established in 1990, Green & Away is a unique venue and campground that offers groups, organizations and individuals a natural, eco-friendly and creative space to come together and unwind....
Voluntary service in Hungary (10 months)
Voluntary service in Hungary (10 months)
Contribute to equal opportunities for children and young people. Seeds of Solidarity is a 10-month volunteer project in which 10 international volunteers work together in rural Hungary. You will work in Nógrád, a small town in one of the disadvantaged rural areas, with other volunteers and our Hungarian colleagues from Egyesek Youth Association at schools and youth centers, providing...

European Solidarity Corps & Long Term Volunteering

In addition to workcamps, IBG also places you in volunteering teams and voluntary services within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps as well as in other medium and long-term volunteer services that are offered by our partner organizations abroad.

Volunteering through the European Solidarity Corps, you will receive reimbursement of travel expenses and a small pocket money. There are a few bureaucratic requirements to be met and there is a strict age limit of 18 to 30 years.

We particularly recommend participating in projects lasting several months to all volunteers who have already participated in an international workcamp abroad. The application is unot very complicated and also possible relatively spontaneously. Intensive individual preparation should still be planned.

European Solidarity Corps

In a workcamp, young people from all over the world come together to volunteer for a non-profit project for 2 to 3 weeks.


Long Term Volunteering

The "Medium Term Volunteering" and "Long Term Volunteering" projects we place in mainly take place in countries outside Europe and are completed individually or in small groups of volunteers.


Find your voluntary service project now

Here you can search for mid- and long-term voluntary service projects in which there are currently still free places and apply for them.