Let's take action for climate protection - volunteering for forests and peatlands

Our annual theme 2022

Under the motto "Let's take action for climate protection - volunteering for forests and peatlands", IBG will focus on nature as CO2 storage next year . We would like to discuss and work on this topic in our workcamps, seminars and trainings. How? Through workcamps in forests and peatlands, thematic workshops for workcamp volunteers, new collaborations with other associations and initiatives, action days in our organisatio... There are many possibilities - and we need you to find, develop and implement them !

Why this theme?

In Germany alone, forests absorb many millions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere every year. With the restoration and sustainable management of the forests, we can therefore take action against several problems of the climate crisis. Read more about why forests are so important to us all here.

Peatlands currently bind almost twice as much CO2 as all forest areas worldwide. In addition to the emission of CO2, drained peatlands also mean that special habitat for rare animal and plant species disappear. Good reasons to make the protection of forests and peatlands our annual theme for 2022.

How you can get involved

Participate now in our planning for the next year and prepare with IBG camps, workshops and actions on forests and peatlands.

IBG Messenger Weekend in June 2021

By volunteering in workcamps, we want to be ambassadors for more sustainable development. At the Messenger Weekend in June, we collect ideas and concepts together on how we can translate our annual topic into project ideas, action days or interactive workshops for international groups. Bring your ideas, your knowledge or your practical work camp experience and work with us to develop ideas for the theme year 2022.

Organize a workcamp with IBG in 2022

In many workcamps around the world, volunteers are already helping to plant trees or rewet peatlands. Do you know an initiative, a project or an association that is also involved in this area and could use support from international volunteers? Then just contact us so that we can think about how we can organize a workcamp together.

Exchange your ideas with us

Have you already visited a workcamp as an eco-messenger in the past few years or as a group leader organized a workshop on the subject of climate protection in forests and peatlands in your camp? We would be happy if you share your experiences with us or if you would like to send us suggestions and tips: The IBG Sustainability AG has existed since 2017 and is concerned with the question of how IBG can continue to become more sustainable. Would you like to take part? Just contact us!

News and current projects

The Youth Climate Pact Challenge
The Youth Climate Pact Challenge
My world. My action. Our planet. Do you have an idea for ​​climate protection and are looking for support in implementing it? Or would you like to join young people who are already working on their own project ideas? On June 29th, 2021 the Youth Climate Pact Challenge started, part of the European Climate Pact of the European Commission. You can still join the challenge: Find a project...
Wild Pasture Nature Conservation Project in the Black Forest
Wild Pasture Nature Conservation Project in the Black Forest
Learn everything about historical land use with cattle and horses The small community of Kappel-Grafenhausen on the French-German border started a special project to preserve biodiversity a few years ago: The Wilde Weiden Taubergießen. A small herd of Salers cattle and some Konik horses were settled in the neighboring Taubergießen Nature Park in order to reintroduce a historical form of...
Protect the bogs in the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park
Protect the bogs in the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park
Support climate protection and biodiversity Help protect the bogs that are located on mountain slopes in the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park. These bogs are an important and valuable natural CO2 store, but were drained for forestry use more than 100 years ago. This workcamp will continue the task of six former international workcamps and will take place in cooperation with...