Equal rights and equal opportunities

Stand for equality with us

We believe that regardless of nationality, gender, sexual orientation, cultural or social background, income, education, religion and other beliefs, physical and health conditions or limitations, participation in our volunteering projects should be open to any young person. We are therefore committed to equal rights and equal opportunities and expect everyone involved in our projects to be fair and respectful.

What we do in our international network


As a member of the "Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations", IBG was active in the network's 'Gender Equality Working Group' (GEWG).

The Gender Equality Working Group is committed to gender equality and promotes and develops the network and its affiliates on the issue. For this purpose, the group has, for example, collected various materials on the topics of equality, consent, sexism or hate speech and discrimination, which you can use if you want to work with a group on the topic yourself.

In Erasmus + Training P.R.O.U.D. (“Promoting Rights and Opportunities to Understand Diversity”), the group developed concepts and practical tips on the subject of equality and equality in workcamps together with 26 young volunteers and group leaders. You can find the created toolkit here.

More Info

Want to read more about gender equality in international voluntary service? Here you will find some articles about how we practise equality in our workcamps:

P.R.O.U.D. - Promoting Rights and Opportunities to Understand Diversity
P.R.O.U.D. - Promoting Rights and Opportunities to Understand Diversity
How equal are we in international workcamps? International workcamps are open for all, regardless of origin, gender, sexuality, cultural and social background, economic position, education, religion and beliefs, physical and health conditions, and/or disabilities. Workcamps are a place to share experience, gain new skills and meet people from different backgrounds. Everyone who has...
Pride Cymru in Cardiff (Wales)
Pride Cymru in Cardiff (Wales)
Die Geschichte der LGBT+ Bewegung, Pride Cymru und ein Kurzfilm Workshops, Kennenlernen und Geschichte Ich war vom 13.08.2018  bis zum 26.08.2018 in einem Workcamp in Cardiff, wo ich mehr über die LGBT+ Bewegung lernen wollte. In der ersten Woche gab es hauptsächlich Workshops. Wir lernten eine Organisation aus Wales kennen, die uns über die LGBT+ Situation in ihrem Land aufklärte. An...