Practice sustainability

On an international level

As a member of the "Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations", IBG has been active in the network's Environmental Sustainability Working Group (ESWG) since its start in 2012. The aim of the working group is to promote the issue of sustainability both within the network and among its affiliates, as well as to communicate it to others, and to inform and involve local project partners and volunteers. In 2017, the Alliance adopted a revised version of its Policy Paper on Sustainability, which illustrates the motivation, the understanding of sustainability and the main focuses of the network.

A central activity in the Alliance network is the annual planning and implementation of a "common action". This is an event designed to raise awareness on sustainability and related issues and to be independently implemented in work camps in various countries around the world. In addition, the ESWG maintains a toolkit designed to help volunteering service organizations, project partners, and volunteers implement sustainability in their everyday life and in their work camps.

In addition, IBG is part of the Alliance's 'International Campaign for Sustainability in Voluntary Service': this campaign is supported by several member organizations. It aims, on the one hand, to disseminate the concept of sustainability and to sensitize the participants in the projects for this topic and, on the other hand, to make the projects themselves sustainable. The campaign is based on three action areas: change of consumption, environmental protection and education for sustainable development.

On a local level

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IBG is not only involved in the topic of sustainability on an international level within the Alliance network, but also endeavors to implement sustainability in the organisation's daily work:

Trainings & Travel reimbursements
• Meals at IBG trainings and seminars are usually almost exclusively vegan
• We do not reimburse travel costs for domestic flights and travel costs for cars only up to an amount of 150 Euros
• For train bookings we can reimburse you for the costs of a CO2 report
• The topic of sustainability is an important session in our trainings

Group Leaders
• We would like to motivate our work camp leaders to choose a motto for their camp and, for example, to try to avoid plastic, to reduce reductions, to buy fair coffee, etc.

Information for participants
IBG provides international participants with information on how to travel using environmentally-friendly means of transportation. Here you can find some some tips on how to travel more sustainably.

Get involved!

You think the topic is important and want to get involved further? We are looking forward to your participation! You can support us in various ways:

Become an Eco-Messenger!
As an Eco-Messenger, you visit a work camp and give a small input on a topic of sustainability; for example, water, consumption, mobility, upcycling, etc. We will refund your travel costs and help you with the planning and implementation of your workshop!

Join our working group!
The IBG Nachhaltigkeits AG (Working Group Sustainability) was created in 2017 and deals with the question of how the organisation can continue to become more sustainable. You want to join us? Just contact Jannika!