21. July 2021

Report: Rooting for Change (France)

Erasmus + training in the French Pyrenees on permaculture

Sustainability is a huge goal that we want to achieve. What can we do as volunteers and as citizens? How can we create the change that makes the world a better place? These questions were the subject of the 'Rooting for Change' training from August 12 to 28, 2021.

Three of our volunteers were guests of our partner organization SolAfrika on an old farm on the edge of the Pyrenees near Toulouse. In a group of 25 people from 7 different countries, everything in Bédeille revolved around the topic of permaculture.

The following were discussed and tried out:

  •      horticulture in permaculture;

  •      knowing how to grow vegetables in the city;

  •      the creation of an aquaponic garden;

  •      how to lead a more sustainable life, consume less and smarter.

The manual that was created during this training can now be found here.