23. May 2019

IBG Solidarity Fund

IBG wants to give as many young people and young adults as possible the chance to become involved in an international context.

We know that the hurdles to participation are very high for many people, be it due to little personal travel experience, poor foreign language skills, insecurity in groups or for family or financial reasons.

Therefore we try to raise special financial support for some projects every year, which enables us to offer the experience in the international workcamp at a reasonable price and, if necessary, to ensure a preparation and accompanying process tailored to individual needs. Physical or mental restrictions are no fundamental obstacle to participation.

IBG Solidarity Fund

For concrete support we also have funds from our own solidarity fund, which accounts for 10% of all placement fees. We use these to enable disadvantaged young volunteers to take part in voluntary service. Through the IBG solidarity fund, many volunteers can thus receive support each year, for example by paying a reduced placement fee. In individual cases we can also subsidise travel costs.

Would you like to take advantage of the funding or do you need support in planning your work camp? Just contact us and we will try to find an individual solution together.

Further information and advice

For all questions about workcamps, funding and online registration Lukas is at your disposal:

Send us an Email: outgoing@ibg-workcamps.org
Call us: 06022 / 279 38 51
Write us via Messenger (Signal, Telegram & WhatsApp): +49 1520 2185131