24. November 2021

Join the IBG Stammtisch online

Virtual IBG get-together before the general assembly

If you are a member of IBG, you have already received the invitation: The IBG general assembly will take place on December 5th. We wanted to meet you all at the Projektwerkstatt in Winterbach near Stuttgart.

However, under the current circumstances, we have decided to forego the physical meeting entirely. Your, our and the health and safety of our fellow human beings is more important to us in this case than a weekend together, even though we find it a shame not to be able to meet you on site.

As in the previous year, the IBG general meeting will therefore take place online.

Bring your ideas for the future of IBG!

Regardless of whether you are a member or not (yet) a member of IBG - on Monday you have the opportunity to participate in the planning for the future of IBG: Then the virtual IBG get-togethers will take place again. Here we want to present and discuss what is currently moving IBG. At the same time you can contribute your ideas for the main topic "Let's take action for climate protection - tackling forests and moors" in the coming year.


The 3rd virtual IBG Stammtisch will take place on Monday, November 29th, at 7pm. You can plan for 1.5 hours until open end.


The Stammtisch meeting takes place via video conference on Zoom. To receive the link, send us a short email.

Who can come?

The IBG Stammtisch should be a virtual place where interested members and active people can meet regularly in order to stay in contact and to exchange ideas on IBG-related topics. Your suggestions are particularly welcome here. It can be discussed critically, new project ideas can be developed or old ideas can be linked.
We look forward to seeing you,
the IBG Board