15. November 2019

Report: Peace Action Week – ReMaking Change Happen (Greece)

The Erasmus+ training course Peace Action Week in Greece dealt with human rights and peace issues, especially with regard to the rights of migrants and refugees.

Katharina, Louise and Martine joined the training in Athens during the Global Human Rights Week in October 2019 on behalf of IBG and together with the other participants thought about actions on the topics of human rights and peace. All of these actions were part of the Raising Peace Campaign of the CCIVS network. The aim was to share experiences and to get to know new tools, methods and practices that can be used in everyday life. For example, young migrants in Europe should be more socially integrated through increased intercultural awareness in local communities and through active integration.

"What did you take away from training?"

Louise: "During the role-playing game" World Market ", in which we simulated global connections and processes, I became aware in a very impressive way how global injustice arises and is amplified. In the role of an inhabitant of a country of the global Slipping south and experiencing the realities of life was a new and very enriching experience for me. "

Katharina: "I will remember the great people. We planned actions together and carried them out in the center of Athens. Our group drew attention to the situation in refugee camps. I will especially remember how many people took part in our action Participated and how nice everyone was! The planning together was great, everyone from our group was very creative and had good ideas! "

Martine: "We are all one, no matter what background, what nationality. In training we all worked for the same topic and that welds together! I will remember how many different people with different backgrounds there are in the topic Commitment to migration and human rights - from the physics student to the nurse. "

We believe that migration is an opportunity for our societies to change, grow and become more inclusive, multicultural and peaceful.

The actions at Peace Action Week have shown that we can also raise awareness through small actions and encourage people to question prejudices and stereotypes.