12. September 2023

Booklet: 'How to... make my Workcamp inclusive'

Inclusion in international Workcamps

International Workcamps and other volunteering projects should be open to all young people, regardless of nationality, gender, sexual orientation, cultural or social background, income, education, religion and other beliefs, physical and health conditions or limitations. We are convinced that diversity in all these aspects makes our Workcamps better.

In an international Workcamp, inclusion promotes diversity, creativity and collaboration.

When people with different backgrounds, cultures, identities and perspectives come together, a much broader range of ideas and innovative solutions can emerge. An inclusive environment promotes a sense of belonging, increases volunteer motivation and adds value to activities overall. By embracing diversity, Workcamp leaders and organizations can realize the full potential of their volunteers, creating a more equitable Workcamp while promoting social change towards an equal society.

Booklet for camp leaders, trainers and youth workers

In the training “How to make my Workcamp inclusive – Diversity and personal support of volunteers in Workcamps” with camp leaders and volunteers we have put together a small booklet with advice, tips and methods for you.

You can download the booklet (in English) here.

Sina is happy to answer any questions you may have about the topic of inclusion:

Email: projekte@ibg-workcamps.org
Telephone: +49 711 649 02 63