19. June 2020

Volunteering in a Greek village and a song by the Pixies

Carina participated in her first international workcamp in 2003. What started out as general interest in learning about the world and doing something to make it better, turned into a lifelong passion: Carina went on to join several other camps and was the president of IBG for many years. Read about her first volunteering experiene in Greece here:

Why did you join a workcamp?

Carina: "It was always a dream of me to go abroad and to work in a foreign country. As youngster, I read a lot of books about Africa and I wanted to do something against poverty and injustice and to better the world. A bit later, a friend of mine told me about international workcamps and I was very interested. After doing some research, I decided for a workcamp in Greece. And I was so happy, that I was chosen.

Funnily, my neighbours in Germany were Greek and they had a holiday house directly next to the place of my first Workcamp in Pilion. When I arrived in Greece, they picked me up from the airport and brought me to my workcamp by car. What a luxury! However, my neighbours did not really understand, why I would go to Pilion to work in my holidays. And before the camp, my answer was not very clear either. But afterwards I could tell them, that it was one of my best times. That I made a lot of new experiences, that I found friends from all over the world and that I really liked it to clean the path of that old village."

What did you take from the experience?

Carina: "In my workcamp, I learned that young volunteers from around the world have the same interests and aims of life - no matter from which country or culture they are coming from. And I learned that international workcamps can bring high personal growth. After, you are changed!

International workcamps can contribute to a better understanding in the world and in fighting racism."

What do you still carry with you?

Carina: "I was so happy to get to know so close Greece and the local community and to get in touch with inhabitants and to feel their happines about our support in reconstructing the area. I have very special memories which I will carry my whole life with me.

And there is a special song from Pixies which we listened during the whole workcamp and to which are all these memories are linked to. Also, I got a lot of new friends of all over the world. And I know, even after 20 years, I would be welcomed in their home. For my personal mind, I learned that everybody is equal."