12. May 2020

Support our work with a workcamp voucher

It is difficult to predict what the next few months will look like with the spread of the new coronavirus. For IBG as a workcamp organization, the current situation with travel bans, curfews and contact bans means that our volunteers are currently unable to travel abroad and that we are unable to organize workcamps in Germany.

We mainly finance our work through funding from the BMFSFJ for international encounters, your placement fees for workcamps and the cooperation contributions from our local partners in Germany. In short, this means that if some of these parts drop out for a longer period of time, we will no longer be able to finance our work in the office, at seminars and events.

We would like to thank all those who have supported us in the past few weeks - be it through ideas and creativity, financially or simply as moral support in the form of an encouraging message!

How can you support us?

You think the workcamp idea is important and you would you like to support IBG in organizing workcamps, seminars and training courses in the future? Maybe the registration for a workcamp is currently too difficult for you to plan? We can understand that and have already adjusted our placement conditions for international work camps.

You can also help us very easily by purchasing a voucher for participation in a workcamp. You can order your voucher here or simply by Paypal or bank transfer (IBG e.V., Vereinigte Volksbank Sindelfingen, IBAN: DE74 6039 0000 0041 1450 03, BIC code: GENODES1BBV). Transfer € 150 and enter "Workcamp Voucher" and your email address in the subject line so that we can send you your voucher. You can redeem the voucher at a later time of your choice for placement in an international workcamp worldwide.

You want to get more involved right now?

Together with various workcamp organizations worldwide, we have put together meaningful tasks and topics over the past few weeks that international volunteers can work on together online. In these virtual camps there are various smaller work projects or discussions that you can join. All you need is a working internet connection, some time and motivation. You can find more information about virtual workcamps here.

Contact Lukas for more information about workcamps abroad and the workcamp voucher:

Send an email: outgoing@ibg-workcamps.org
Call: 06022/279 38 51
Write via Messenger (Signal, Telegram & WhatsApp): +49 1520 2185131

Please note: Our team has been working almost entirely from home since mid-March and three out of our staff of five are currently working in short-time only. Therefore, you may not always be able to reach us by phone. Just send us an email with your question, your request or simply your telephone number - we will be happy to call you back.