11. January 2023

Video on international workcamps in nature and climate protection

Implement environmental protection projects with international work camps

Under the motto "Let's take action for climate protection - tackle forests and moors", we have been significantly expanding the scope of our international nature conservation camps since 2021. In this way, we want to give young people the opportunity to actively make their own contribution to protecting nature, biodiversity and the climate. Also in 2022, many volunteers from all over the world were able to get involved in various nature conservation projects. Some of the projects were new collaborations.

We are very happy about the work of the young filmmaker Max Volz, who came to some of these workcamps to film: He put together a video for us in which three new cooperation partners report on their experiences with the international volunteers and the effort, use and advantages of work camps for nature conservation projects.

Together with our project coordinators, Max Volz visited various nature protection camps: In conversation with our local partners, the resulting video presents forest maintenance and environmental education with the Swabian Alb biosphere reserve and the Indelhausen forest school home, shaft maintenance on the Arber with the Northern Bavarian Nature Park Forest and moor care with the Selb Forest Care of the Bavarian State Forests.

Watch the video here.

Sina is at your disposal for more information about work camps in nature conservation and the video campaign:

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