26. July 2021

Volunteers wanted: Flood relief in Brohl Valley and work at Olbrück Castle

Join a workcamp for cleanup and support after the flood.

Olbrück Castle is located in the Brohl valley, the neighboring valley of the Ahr valley, which was massively destroyed by the floods in mid-July. There were many deaths and the entire infrastructure was destroyed. Our workcamp, which the Förderverein Olbrück Castle invites from August 15th to 29th, will therefore not only repair the historic Olbrück Castle as planned, but also help with clean-up work after the flood.

The specific tasks cannot yet be named here, but two directions of support are possible for the international volunteers: On the one hand, specific clean-up work on buildings and facilities (playgrounds, cemeteries, youth facilities), etc.) and on the other hand care offers for the children whose parents help with clean-up work in the neighboring valley. It is holiday time and the helpers are not allowed to bring children into the disaster area.

The tasks will be based on specific requests for support. So on some days the whole group will be responsible for the flood relief, on other days only part of the group and on some days all the volunteers will work at Olbrück Castle.

History up close at Olbrück Castle

A second task in this workcamp will be the restoration of the historic Olbrück Castle. Unfortunately, access to the castle complex had to be completely blocked for security reasons last year. In several places, the remains of the wall are no longer safe and the site may only be entered with permission. Therefore, the Friends of Olbrück Castle, which looks after the preservation of the castle, asks for your help.

Together with a group of former craftsmen who are now retired, you are helping to secure the masonry. Specifically, mortar joints are renewed, stones that have fallen out of the walls are reinserted and fixed. You help to clear the walls of vegetation and to fix the wall crowns (the upper edge) again. In this project you only work in areas that are accessible without scaffolding. Additional tasks in the historical herb garden and other areas of the castle complex are also possible.

We still have 2 free places for volunteers aged 16 and over.

The placement fee for participants from Germany is € 75, accommodation and meals are provided during the entire camp. Here you can register for the project.

For all questions about the workcamp at Olbrück Castle and registration, Christoph is at your disposal:

Send an email: christoph@ibg-workcamps.org
Write via Messenger (Signal, Telegram & WhatsApp): +49 1520 2185131