14. March 2024

WHV Rock Carvings (Sweden)

Rock carvings and the Swedish midsummer festival

Have you always wanted to go to Sweden and experience Swedish midsummer? Then let's go - our colleagues from Allianssi Finland are organizing a Workcamp in West Sweden in June together with the Vitlycke Museum in Tanumshede!

The Vitlycke Museum is a knowledge and experience center in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Tanum - an area with around 600 rock carving sites. Here you can experience world-class rock carving and explore the world of the Bronze Age.


09th - 22nd June, 2024

The project

You will help maintain the green spaces in the museum's Bronze Age farm and around the rock carvings.

You'll also help prepare for the Summer Solstice Festival, which takes place on the evening of June 21st. These Midsummer preparations include picking flowers, decorating the maypole and chatting with visitors about the event.

Where does the camp take place?

Tanumshede is on the west coast of Sweden. There are forests and lakes and many hiking trails around the UNESCO World Heritage area of Tanum. Not far from Tanum is the coast with restaurants, shops and beautiful cliffs by the sea.

Traditional Swedish Midsummer is best celebrated on the west coast of Sweden, so you're definitely in the right place to experience it.

Apply now!

Want to join? In total there are places for 8 volunteers. Here you can register directly for the camp.

Applications can be submitted as long as there are still places available.

Lukas is at your disposal for all questions about the camp in Sweden and other Workcamps this summer:

Email: outgoing@ibg-workcamps.org
Telephone: +49 6022 279 38 51