28. June 2022

Report: 'Europe à Table' (France)

The Erasmus+ training course 'Europe à Table' (EAT) was all about food and sustainability.

Production, purchasing, consumption and disposal of food - all of this can have a greater or lesser impact on the climate and the environment. In this training, ideas for action should be found together. The training was organized by our partner organization Concordia Rhône-Alpes in the mountainous area of ​​Serre Chevalier in France. Felix took part in the training for IBG and tells you about the week in France here:

"As part of my participation in the 'Kompetenz International' program of IBG, I had the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus+ training "Europe à Table" (EAT) from June 8th to 16th, 2022. 18 participants and 3 team members from France and Italy met this week , Portugal, Greece, Germany and Poland aged 18-33.

The training was dedicated to the topic of sustainable food.

To do this, we dealt with the current system of food production, global injustices in the distribution of food, markets and healthy and sustainable nutrition. Breakfast and dinner were prepared by the accommodation, for lunch we were able to get creative ourselves and prepare sustainable and delicious recipes for the whole group. Despite the small kitchen and the restrictions we imposed on ourselves with regard to the ingredients and their origin, we succeeded very well.

Part of the training also served to create a "final product".

In four different groups we have developed a board game on vegan nutrition, a shopping guide for sustainable alternatives to conventional products, instructions for growing your own vegetables in the garden and a presentation on responsible shopping. These materials can be used for further trainings, workcamps, our sending organizations and far beyond in different situations.

The content of the work was supported by the strong group and the fantastic location and view of the youth hostel.

Joint excursions to the surrounding mountains or to the (icy) cold bathing lake during the lunch break refreshed our thoughts, evening activities in the almost deserted village (winter ski resort) and various group games and dances brought all participants from the far corners of Europe closer together. Certainly some tears were shed when we said goodbye and we hope to see you again! The youth hostel, with its associated permaculture garden, was also able to provide thematic input and plenty of space for working in the fresh air in the sun.

The visits to two organizations in the area were particularly enriching.

In Briancon, a house provides short-term overnight accommodation for migrants from Italy and also provides them with food. The proximity to the border is noticeable here and since other routes are heavily controlled by the police and military and made impassable, people keep coming over the dangerous mountain passes, sometimes even in winter with large amounts of snow and cold. To see in what a short time and with what great support from the local volunteers a place of short-term arrival and rest could be set up here was inspiring.

For me personally, in addition to the substantive work, there was another focus at the forefront of my time in training. As part of the 'Kompetenz International' program, I will lead an international workcamp this summer. During the training I was able to get to know some methods and styles of organization and moderation, derive tips and best practices for myself and also see which situations can pose problems."