02. December 2020

Once upon a time... around the world

In September our volunteer Jessica organized a virtual camp as part of the 'Kompetenz International' training program, which was all about storytelling: In this project, volunteers would create an intercultural children's book together. It would contain “typical” children's stories from the various cultures of the volunteers. The stories were then written in both the volunteers' original language and an English translation and illustrated by the group itself.

International children's stories from 8 countries

Young women from 8 different countries around the world took part in the project to exchange and discuss children's stories from their respective countries. In 8 online sessions within two and a half weeks, they told each other different fairy tales and exchanged views on different values ​​and cultures.

Here you can download the complete collection of stories.

More information about virtual camps

Would you like to take part in an online project yourself? Here you can find more information about virtual camps, the currently open projects and how to register for them.