12. April 2023

Erasmus+ training in France: Europe à Table (EAT)

The Erasmus+ training 'Europe à Table - EAT' deals with the topic of food and climate.

Production, purchasing, consumption and disposal of food - all of this can have a greater or lesser impact on the climate and the environment. In this training, awareness is to be raised and ideas for action are to be found together. The aim is to combine intercultural exchange with the topic of sustainability and nutrition in order to raise and promote young people's awareness and actions.

Together we can achieve a better future with small deeds - and what could be nicer than doing this while cooking together and getting to know each other?

Goals of the training:

  •      learn more about current local and global issues related to food and sustainability;
  •      Exchange experiences and meet local initiatives in France dealing with the topic;
  •      promote intercultural awareness, interpersonal communication and participation.

This training has already taken place once in 2022; Felix participated for IBG in the course in France. You can find his full report here.


26 June - 04 July (including travel days)

Who can participate?

This training is suitable for volunteers, trainers, youth workers or anyone else who wants to learn more about sustainable food. A total of 21 people from France, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Portugal can participate.


The training is organized by our partner organization Concordia Rhône-Alpes in the mountainous area of Serre Chevalier in France: Located in the heart of the small village of Bez, in a mountainous area, the Serre-Chevalier youth hostel is committed to sustainable and solidarity tourism. The institution is very active in building local partnerships in line with its values of intercultural openness and international exchange.


“Europe à Table (EAT)” is a project funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. Your travel costs from Germany to France can be reimbursed up to a certain amount (depending on the distance).

Apply now!

We have a total of 3 places for participants from Germany. Email us if you would like to take part in the training: projekte@ibg-workcamps.org